MIA, Internship and French – Switzerland Problems

Having been MIA from blogging for the past couple of months, i have some legit reasons (well, more of excuses). Although i have a ton of make up reviews and hauls to do, i just never posted it up due to time and of course, laziness. Weather in Switzerland is crazy, internet in school has been sucky BUT! I had a couple of weeks to enjoy back in Jakarta and Singapore for my term break a couple of weeks ago. Being back home after 6 months is insane, Singapore and Indonesia weather is so much warmer since i came back from the Winterland Switzerland. from around 2 degrees to 32 degrees meant instantanious melting.


Due to weather change from Swiss to South East Asia, my skin isn’t that oily anymore so i could stick with my foundations and BB cream without needing the worry of melting or caking face. And since its humid, my skin after a couple of days transited from dry skin to normal skin 😀 But the problem is when i came back to Switzerland. My skin has became horribly dry due to it hanging out with humid air 😦 There are two powder foundations i tried out which did not only help my skin look better, it did not cling to dry patches. Although there are a couple of skin care routine i changed around to help, the two powder foundation which i never thought i would even use now that i even like, its done me miracle!


Now i have to worry about my year 2 studies, as well as my internship that has to start in 2 months and last for 6 months. I haven’t even found a place to work yet 😦 so many things around my mind, especially most of my classmates has already left for internship and a few of us deciding to stay for another term, there are always issues! especially french, since mine is really bad, i have thought to go to german part for my internship 😦 Ah help me!! and things are so expensive its like Europe’s version of Singapore

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