Things has finally calmed down

There were too many things going on for the past week, months even. Too many things i couldn’t put into words then, but now that many has settled down it felt like i have finally calmed down enough to talk about them.


School is insane, one month into starting and mid terms are just around the corner. Things happened, both bad and good but i believe God places these situations in my life to let me grow and have experience. A few of us got into a car accident last saturday when we went to Bern, the police and ambulance were alerted. A friend had to be hospitalised for a night, and another had to deal with the police case. God being gracious, things were settled within 6 hours and we went home for the night before going to Bern the next morning to pick the guy in the hospitalised. Sleep was practically none exsistant for a couple of us but we went through the whole ordeal fine enough. The friend who got hospitalised did not need operation, but now has to rely on clutches and a bit of medication for the week or two. The one who needed to settle the police case went back to England yesterday, after everything he needed to settle friendship wise and the unfortunate car accident wise.

After being restless due to the countless situation like this car accident, internship, and some relationship problems, I think i can finally have some peace and a good night sleep. Yea, i am still slightly upset for some things, but a lot of burden has been lifted. I experienced things i never thought i would experienced any time soon as well. The “upset” feeling i have now probably is the best for me, and all i have to thank is God, as guidance and peace was given throughout. All i need to concentrate on right now is the impending exams that will take place next week and my internship, these are priority. Friends are always there to help, but when my close friends from back home aren’t here by my side to help me and when i need to talk physically with them, i just need to deal with it for now myself. Its the time and phase where i really just need a couple of hugs, but not just anyone. I need people who knows me for me, and those who actually understands my situation.


Things I’m doing here probably would disappoint many people, including m younger self, but these are things i need to experience to actually make myself grow up. I cannot grow up if i kept comparing myself to the old me. I haven’t regretted a thing i did these week, other then not studying enough and a long with it, my internship. I have gotten an interview request from Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd Asia Pacific region for a 6 months internship, but I’m still thinking if i should do the first intern in Switzerland first. But i doubt i can forgive myself if i miss out on such a great but sure exhuasting working experience of the Royal Caribbean. I can only pray God give me proper guidance on all these.

But anyways, enough on the rambling. I feel a lot better already, but there are still many things unspoken, so many i cannot share out in public. Enjoy the pictures by the way 😀













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