First pay haul – Tom Ford, L’Occitane, Zara, H&M

23rd June marks my first day of internship and I got my first week paid on the 1st of July due to closing of the month. I wasn’t much, 450 Swiss francs plus tips. But never the least, I went shopping with my first pay 🙂 there was a small Yankee Candle in sweet apple and another of the Body Shop shower gel I didn’t feature as it’s in the bathroom. It took me two weeks to get these, one picture I took were the things I got during my two different week day offs. Of course I had to go overboard and had to use my own money as well since the mere 450 pay wasn’t enough

My personal favourites in this part of the haul are the NYX retractable eyeliner in brown and the Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau de perfume pour homme. Yes, a guy perfume but don’t judge. I first smelt this on my friend, and since I was around him so much for the few days he was here to visit, I got so used to the scent and I just fell in love with it.

The NYX eyeliner I was introduced by a beauty blogger, who recommended it for oily lids. Not only it’s a drugstore product, it works so perfectly on oily lids! Speaking of drugstore, I just realised that Boujois has repackaged their famous Healthy Mix Foundation. Sure thing I will do a comparison of the new and old version of this, since I was totally in love it the old formulae.

Can’t really forget PJs and body wash, no? The shirt and pants are from H&M, comfortable to sleep in, and doesn’t look to shabby to walk around this small city in.


Incase I forgot to mention, it’s summer sale season in Switzerland. Almost everything is on sale, and many are as high as 70% off! Main theme of this haul (done today) was practicality. The black leather jacket from Zara was initially above 100 CHF, but after the sale it was as low as 39 CHF! Definitely the steal of the day! As seen, hand & foot lotion from L’Occitane (which retails at 30CHF each) and two bottles of the Dove body lotion cost me 75 CHF total.

I pretty sure I went overboard with the shopping, these two hauls themselves was over my 1 week pay 😦 but it was pretty worth the money since it was on sale 🙂

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