Etude House A-Z I Need You, Mask Sheet

Coming back to Asia means easy and affordable access to Asian sheet mask again 🙂 I’ve been seeing the newly packaged Etude House A-Z masks since last December but didn’t have the chance to try them out until last month.

This is my second purchase of these mask. For the month of September of 2014, Etude House Singapore will provide a “Buy 3 get 2 free” promotion. These five mask will cost S$5.90 instead of S$9.50.


From this line of mask, Etude house has released 26 alphabets and a few other extra symbols. Each alphabet caters towards different wants.

For Soothing/Trouble care:
Elder flower
Green Tea
Tea tree

For Nourishing:
Job’s tears
Korean Ginseng
Shea Butter
Unpolished rice

For Hydrating:
Hyaluronic acid
Royal jelly

For Brightening/ Antioxidant
Bulgarian Rose
Vitamin complex
White pearl
5 berries Extract

As much as I love my Leneige Mulberry Yogurt Repair Pack, it provides hydration which I won’t be needing as much in South East Asia. I have previously tried the Bulgarian Rose, Lemon, Q10 and Tea Tree for brightening, soothing and acne but now I am needed more of soothing, relieve and brightening. Most of my skin care already caters to control acne but not to brighten any of the scaring not my complexion. I have extremely sensitive skin so soothing is great too. It’s just great that there are so many too choose from, and it only cost S$1.90 each.

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