Halloween Horror Night 4 – organised by Resort World Sentosa

Working full time (as an intern) in sentosa has been alright for the past two weeks. The schedules were quite flexible and people are pretty alright at this moment (hey, can’t judge much right? I mean it’s been two weeks). I met some great people around due to induction and so on.

October, other then well known for Oktoberfest, is Halloween month in most countries. This year, I finally am able to experience RWS’s Halloween Horror Night 4th edition, not sentosa’s Spooktacular Halloween event. I brought a long my cousins and a friend of their’s this time right after an F&B hygiene course I’ve taken in Switzerland.

So here goes the pictures for the Halloween Night Horror 4 with my cousins.











We really didn’t have enough time to go around all, there are a lot of people in there. Crowded is an understatement. By the way when you post a picture in USS, where it was located, with the hashtag #hhn4, your picture will float around their big screens.


Earlier this morning till 6pm, I had a Food Hygiene course. I met some really nice kids, some 4 years younger. It was nice just suddenly talking to them though we are random strangers. Other then Joel and Ethel whom I met during the first couple of days (whom are older and or my age) I haven’t gotten along much with people so much younger though.



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