Back to the hospitality world

Im now back to Switzerland to continue my major in hospitality after the unfortunate internship back in Morges a few months ago. That probably gave me one of the most important decision i had to make, would i want to continue with this line of major, and if i did, what do i do after? After completing my internship in Singapore with much success, i have transferred to Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. Having been here for a short two and a half month in BBA3 (equivalent to year two), i do actually like it here. Yes, i am a lot more quiet as compared to how i was in Cesar Ritz, but i do feel happier with the type of people i mix with and also the rotation schedules i have now. Kitchen was another option i wanted to get into, ut was not too sure if i wanted to do it full time, Les Roches fulfils my curiosity of being in the kitchen as well as my need of theory classes into one in BBA3.

There are way to many students, its really debatable if its a good thing or a bad thing, as i was always in a small school. Events such as cultural night is still a difficult concept as there are many decorations wanted to be done, with limited resources. This is also my first time having a roommate 😀

10351000_10153112682468745_1003992383118981667_n 11061317_10153151780838745_2684277081632057563_n 10801964_10153166080593745_2636395393371365409_nr2zJYWDUnluFyZ3HR-aD05ArImO00Fqv-HhRR8FHaOE

67ERB_1qY_grPnOSoYDjnkcR-R4yNaV38arnecCNBvw RwX6PGKXvXWpnq6azxSSiwTz5c9gheVxPQQAefhp4tU

All i can do is to hope everything will end up well for the course of 2 years in Les Roches…

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