Summer Make Up/ Skincare Haul – Part 1

Being back to Asia basically equals to getting all the love and care our body is used too. Food, weather (not really), languages, familiar places, and last but not least, beauty products. Since I’m back to Asia, i have decided to change up my skin care regiment and as well, stock up on make up products. This post is just one of my many segments of what i shopped whilst i was back, and this particular one focuses on Etude House. Etude House has some serious girly and colourful packaging! That aside, their products are suited towards teenagers – young adults (early 20s). I’ve been using some product since i was 17 up until now (I’m currently 22), and some products I’ve been loving and repurchased multiple time.


These are just some repurchase i’ve decided to get in both Singapore and Indonesia while vacationing.

Photo 3-7-15 00 45 19//

1x AC Acne Daily cleansing foam
I have acne prone skin, and i would change out my acne “fighting” cleansers every 6 months as i did not want my skin to get too accustomed to a product. This acne cleanser and Clinique’s Acne Solution Foaming Wash. I would use these ance cleaners during the mornings only, and then at night the Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam (either the BB version or normal one). I haven’t gotten around to purchase the Baking Powder cleanser yet.

2x Precious Mineral BB Cushion
At the beginning of Summer, i have already purchased a BB cuchion refill, but spending 1 month in the beach wearing this foundation only i ran out faster then imagined so a second one is needed.

10 x Mask
Etude House doesn’t have the perfect mask, but it brings radiance to the face after each sheet no matter what label it says though some more moisturising then others. Its really affordable too!

And of course, can we forget the Samples/ Free gift they offer? As i have purchased more then 500,000 Rupiah at an Etude House, i was eligible to sign up as member which gets me 20% off future purchases. Etude House in Indonesia is really expensive, spending 500,000 local currency isn’t difficult at all.
Photo 3-7-15 00 47 08

Can i just mention how cute the hair brush is? I’ve never in a hundred years can imagine getting hair brush as a free gift, but hey i’m not complaining 😀 they also provided some samples of the firming line products, which i can use for when i stay over at someone’s house for a night.

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