Reliving the hospitality life 

Initially, I chose hospitality as my university degree is because i believe everyone having some sort comfortable daily lif, a special memory to be created if you will. There are unexpectedness and at times you have to adjust accordingly is something I would like to challenge myself with. After two years in this line of work, I start to forget my core and reason of why hospitality was my choice! I could have life a comfortable university life like all my friends who are taking business and communications, and here I am working on internships and in the future, getting a salary that is close to nothing as compared to what we do. Today, I get to relive why I got into hospitality, something I haven’t felt since the “chaine de rotisseur” event I did almost a year ago. 
Here is to “Autumnal Masquarade Ball” by Les Roches 2015.2 PGD2, another event I got to participate behind the scene. Clocked in at 10am Saturday 7th of November 2015, clocked out at 12:30am 8th of November 2015. 
“Forest” preparation. Due to miscommunications and safety reason where lights cannot be turned off to make the dark forest feel, we had to work our way around and cover the lights with black paper and black trash bags as of what we have.
 Jacket collection team – organisation at its best. 

The bar team, with the missing Fransisco team leader.   


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