Haul – eyes and acne 

Hey guys!! The past couple of weeks I did some make up shopping for the around the eye area, lips and also acne care. I’ve just decided to put up eye make ups and acne treatments first as i want to dedicate a whole post for lips!

 What I’ve gotten are

-The balm’s  Nude’tude eyeshadow palette

– SmashBox gel eyeliner in black

– Eyelur Brow Palette Brow Trio No. 10 in dark brown

– Maybelline anti – age effect under eye concealer in fair and light

– Wet n wild eyeshadow in nutty (not in picture)

– Seba Med clear face anti – pimple gel

– Origin’s Super Spot remover

Now that I live in Bluche Sur Sierre, we are located in the middle of Sierre (a city in Valais region of Switzerland) and Crana Montana, a famous town for skis an golf. And the Coop by Crans Montana are finally putting Wet n wild up on the shelves! I already have their eye shadow trio in Walking on egg shell, and I heard that the shade Nutty is quite popular as well so I have decided to try it out. I forgot to bring it out when I took this picture. For Maybelline ‘s under eye concealer, it’s my substitute for Collections’ concealler which isn’t available in Switzerland. I go through 1 tube every three months so buying backups now doesn’t hurt.

The Nude’tude,  Eyelur eyebrow kit and the Seba Med pimple gel were purchased at Feelunique.com. It’s a UK based website that ships to the rest of Europe for free after spending a certain amount. To Switzerland was above 18 CHF. I just wanted to try more things out in terms of eyebrow kits, and needed more acne fighting friends therefor the Seba Med acne gel. More importantly I’ve shooed at feelunique.com a couple of times and this time they were on sale for 15% off. I have a whole post on some of my current favourite lip products that are bought through this website as well.

Though this time the box came in like this, which got me extremely upset 😦 with just 3 products why such a big box though?  
I just started testing these products out, and will continue further before reviewing them.

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