Acne spot treatments – Nexcare, Origins, Seba Med, The Body Shop

Acne! Something everyone at one stage of life will have and experience. Half the time acne for me indicates a good thing: my monthly schedule is to come! But i am not exactly healthy with my lifestyle, I’m in collage in Switzerland! Being in collage is one main indicator on how bad my lifestyle is, and i fly back home to humidity every 6 months as well as internships. The consistent change in weather does not help as well! So when acne do appear, these are some things that i have tried to help me get those little friends at bay.

  • Origin’s Super Spot remover
  • NexCare Acne Patch
  • The BodyShop Tea Tree Oil
  • Seba Med clear face anti – pimple gel



Nexcare’s acne patch and Origin’s super spot remover wins neck to neck! They get rid of big angry acnes relatively quickly, but it will dry out the area where you have pasted or applied them on. Origin’s one would be perfect on the days where i have close to no time to get it off, example an interview the day after or a wedding to attend. I can keep it under my makeup but as it is super drying, it will start to flake off your concealer on that area. For Nexcare’s acne patch i use it only when I’m in my rooms. it works like a sticker on your acne then slowly it absorbs the oil out of the acne. 


  • It works amazingly!
  • a little go a long way
  • Packaging


  • Expensive
  • Not available everywhere, the acne patches usually in Asia
  • Is drying


The BodyShop Tea Tree Oil and the Seba Med clear face anti – pimple gel did work for me initially, after awhile it stopped. the Seba Med ones is a re – try from back when i was younger so thinking it might work for me gently, i can put them under my make up during the day. Sadly, i do not see the effectiveness anymore so i use it as a serum for around my nose to see how it will work against black head. The BodyShop Tea Tree oil isn’t really an oil, more like infused into a small study pot of liquid. It would stink sometimes but since it not only watery but also clear, therefor unable to see how much i have gotten on my hand to put on my acne. Compared to the Origin’s acne remover that has a squezzy tube, the bodyshop one is just hard glass like that has to be tilted over.

If i have not mentioned before, all there liquid ones are 10 ML each, and for the patches they have different size patches and also different in amount in each pack. Many asian brand have them, so if its not Nexcare it basically works the same. And also, i do use an acne clearing type of cleanser but are very persistent to leave.

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