Scoopz Hand Craft Ice – cream opening in Indonesia

Home away from home? Try out Scoopz, a Singapore based hand craft ice – cream shop! Today marks their first day opening in Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s first branch opened in Parkway Parade, Singapore in 1996, you can imagine my siblings and I going there often since we live so close by! The bosses were super friendly as well, introducing to us this newest menu of theirs only available in Jakarta, Indonesia. We love durian and milo, combining it with ice cream and imported from Singapore our second home, we cannot ask for more!

Keep reading for more and where to locate this!


With their newest creation – Molecular DimSum IceCream! Eaten with chop sticks, It’s just so adorable with 6 different type of shapes and flavours! This new menu is only available in Indonesia



As you can tell the strawberry flower is already missing from the plate 😀

Untitled Waffle with durian and milo ice cream


Molten Lava Cake with strawberry

As it is located around PIK, you don’t have to worry about getting lunch/ dinner first before getting this dessert! they serve coffee and tea as well, perfect for tea time!

AddressBukit Golf Mediterania Pantai Indah Kapik (PIK), Ruko Emerald #31, Jakarta Utara

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