Pre – Christmas date with @toffeemilk and @fyonx

The year after entering the hospitality world when i haven’t worked and is actually home for christmas but didn’t celebrate them much as i liked. Instead i get to see some of my friends whom I’ve known from 4 years ago but yet to meet, as well as some cousins. But hey, not complaining since who knows when else can i spend it at home like finally! 

These girls were some of those fan girls i met 4/5 years ago, and i’ve only met Dhee before while i was in SG. I was a huge fan of Super Junior, now milder as i get older but these girls did not ever stop fan girl – ing. Angela is still on about BTS and Dhee Infinite. Well, take me to Nu’est already!

Angela and Dhee



Dinner with Angela and Dhee


Though we were suppose to meet at 7, i only arrived at 8:30 due to traffic! 2 hours worth of traffic although the place we have decided to meet would usually take me only half an hour to get there. Let us meet in Singapore or Switzerland again girls! The traffic and punctuality of Indonesia hopefully shall match their’s one day.

Guys, the size of our christmas tree this year since we moved house! Honestly i liked this picture is because of how full my lashes looked. All i had on was Cover Girl’s mascara

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