EarthBake Brownies – Medan, Indonesia

Awhile ago a friend of mine started baking brownies from home and have them sold. Initially it was only sold to people in Medan and after awhile, he started to ship them off to all over Indonesia. His brand of brownies are called EarthBake.

These are what he usually have to offer, and mind you that delivery fee is only applicable within Medan. As I am from Jakarta, I have to order 2 large ones and the express delivery fee is around 100,000 IDR but it didn’t arrive nicely. You can’t expect too much with indonesia’s delivery system although it is labelled as food and be extra careful.

For Christmas, i decided to try order and try some out.

Saturnian Brownie


72% Dark Chocolate, Golden Age Caramel Sauce, Citron, White Sesame and Walnut


I really love nuts and my brothers have sweet teeth, so this one attracted our attention best due to it having chunks of walnuts and being drizzled slightly with caramel sauce. Don’t let chocolate and caramel scare you, 72% black chocolate and the walnut helps cancel out the overly sweet taste the usual brownies give you.

Earth Brownie – BalanceUntitled

72% Dark Chocolate, Roasted Walnut and Salted Pumpkin Seed


Totally forgot the salted pumpkin seed being one of the main uniqueness in this recipe. It is almost like the baby size of the Saturnian brownie due to its smaller walnut size. The saltiness is just right! i really wish i could bring it over to Hong Kong with me during my internship.

This one i did not order as it just came out

The Venus Brownie

72% Dark Chocolate , Belgian Chocolate Chips, Citron Cheese

Chocolate with chocolate guys i can’t even with this one! and there is cheese as well!!!


So fellow indonesians! if you are ever interested in quality brownies please contact my buddy Rong Lee through Line. His ID : Rongzlee

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