Cultural Night 2017.1 – Organisation

Lo and behold, i have chosen Events as my specialisation course for my final semester of my degree. This semester so far is the most difficult in terms of mental and physical. Planning out an event and its logistics are relatively easy due to the huge support we have received from multiple individuals, like teachers and external sponsors. The most difficult ones were working as a group, due to the multiple clashes of personalities and ideas everyone had. There were two extreme side of personality, those who has strong ideas and opinion vs. the “Stay in the background” side.

With the stronger personality and ideas, they won’t take no or an alternative as an answer where as the “stay in the background”s had to run around trying to make things happen. But after this event organisation has happened, i have realised many things in life which gave me different perspective in life.

The biggest realisation for me is how we as people think. Our mindset, for a lack of better word. As university students especially having multiple experiences and opportunities in our life, many of us are very self entitled. The attitude based on “Everything i wish and i want can be done” idea kept reoccuring. Even when something we wish cannot be done, instead of listening to advice from experienced people and looking for alternatives, many still wanted the impossible original to continue. The “expectation vs. reality” concept did not dawn into our minds until the event was over. After speaking to teachers and having some time to think about what has happened, we all need to realise on how fortunate we all are for the support we have received to make the event happen. Yes sure, this event was the most disorganised the school had possibly witness so far but there are many we can learn from of this experience. Learning to be practical, to listen, to communicate, to think a few steps ahead, to have back up plans, to be patient, if i have to name a few.


Instead of focusing on the negativities, i would like to remind myself of taking some down time in the future let myself think and bring out the things i have learnt and focus on them so the next few steps i can grow better as an individual. The things i have learnt can be forwarded to future events and not mess up much.

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