Worth it? Colourpop – Haul, Swatches and Review

Colourpop has been in the lime light of affordable American brand makeup yet high quality for awhile now. I’ve also seen it’s lip products to being compared to Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, and with 50USD worth of purchase they do overseas shipping so why not jump onto the band wagen? During the time of my graduation, i made a purchase as giving myself a treat for graduating.


Supershock Eyeshadow

From Top to Bottom: Brady (Matte), Game Face(Ultra Metallic), Sequin (Ultra Glitter), Truth (Satin), Static (Satin), LaLa (Ultra Glitter)

I am so in love with the eyeshadows! Every single one of them pigmented enough its not over whelming. Sequin and Lala are categorised as an Ultra Glitter formula, they do not have glittering chunks that fall off even when using a brush to apply. Sequin is my favourite shade yet so far since its a pinkish brown, also a shade i would like to try working with. Im used to neutral, matte shades because of school and work so Colourpop gave me a chance to work with formula and colours that are different to what i am used to.

All of them have this wet feel to them, although there are all powder eyeshadow. They also came with instructions to keep its lids tightly shut if not in use as they will dry out. Its almost like a wet to dry formula, but in a dry form.

Liquid Lips

Top to bottom: Ultra Satin Lip – Barracuda, Ultra Matte Lip – More Better, Viper, Timesquare, Lippie Stick – Button


I really have a lot of mixed thought on the lipsticks, as much as the great price point for its quality. Here are some reason why


All of them dry down a lot darker then how it looks like in the tube, and just based on the swatch above, Barracuda, Viper and Timsquare looks so similar but when put on my lips and dried down, they turn out very different. To compare them three, TimeSquare on me is a just a very pale nude lip, Viper is a darker shade of pinky nude while Barracuda is a darker vampy nude.

Formula and finish

Three different finishes were purchased – Ultra Satin, Ultra Matte, and the lippie stick, and i can say, i love the Ultra Satin Lip finish best. It is not too drying unlike the Ultra Matte, and have a better staying power as well as higher pigmentation on the lip as compared to the Lippie Stick. I would still use lip balm way before applying the liquid lipsticks, as even the Ultra Satin finish dried my lips out slightly at the end of the day. Every time i finish a meal, there are still product on my lips. Having to use oil based makeup remover is a great indication for its staying power.

For its price points, definitely worth it! What other brands can you ship to overseas for yet so many items for approximately 50USD?



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