Pore primers – Etude House Fix & Fix Vs. Innisfree No Sebum Blur

I’ve always been told by my facial beautician that my pores are relatively clean, but due to my oily t zone its consistently large. Thats extremely upsetting to hear, so majority of my skin care and make up caters to my oily t zone, large pore and acne based skin.

As I’m getting more into makeup, i started to look more so into primers that helps with make up longevity especially for my targeted pores around the t zone. Whilst i was in HongKong in 2016, i lived near an Innisfree where i was introduced to the No Sebum Blur primer and powder. Etude House not so long ago realised the Fix and Fix Primers, which came in Pore version amongst its other colour correcting primers.


Let’s talk packaging!

Packaging are the first we see in any product, the more attractive and appealing it is the more likely will it attract people’s heart. Innisfree’s tube is relatively squishier and easier to squeeze out the product, where as Etude House’s tube is much sturdier. They are both squeeze tubes but with the materials of the tubes, the Etude House one is definitely easier to control the amount you want while you may push too much out at once for the Innisfree primer.

Consistency & Scent

This particular Innisfree primer, compared to its original clear one is more pigmented, therefor easier to blur out the pores you’d like to hide. Definitely smoother and easier to blend in as it feel much softer. Etude House’s in the other hand is slightly “firmer” to the touch, it did not come out as smoothly as the Innisfree’s and slightly as pigmented. It’s scent however, is extremely pleasant. It could be the fact that i like slightly scented products but i’m not mad.



I’ve tested both primers under similar weather conditions – Hot, Humid and approximately 10 hours, with and without powder over my skin. The Etude House primer ultimately took longer to break down my foundation thats on my t zone, produced less beads of oil on my nose.

My Verdict

Ultimately, I’ll pick the Etude House Fix & Fix Primer as not only do I prefer Etude House’s foundations, BB Creams and Cushions for over all longevity, but it definitely made some of my western foundations sit better on my nose as well. Having to use base makeup from the same brand, i personally believe will help with the outcome and longevity of your make up.


Product & Price

Innisfree – 25ML for SGD $17
Etude House – 30ML for $22.90

Where to buy them:

Both Innisfree and Etude house are available in stores at both Singapore and Indonesia.

Hermo Singapore 

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