New Brands & Products I tried in 2017 Part 1: Asian Brands

Hey guys! 2017 has been the year that i met with a lot of new new changes and challenges in my life; that includes graduating from Uni, job hunting for full time position and moving back to hot and humid South East Asia. Finding new skincare and makeup that would actually withstand the humidity here is also another challenge, but fortunately shopping is made easier then in Switzerland due to a larger market of both Eastern and Western demands. Graduating means leaving my comfort zone behind, may it be career wise, how we manage our time to speak with friends and also now that I am older my skin was no longer how it was. Therefor speaking new items that might work better for my current concerns.

Here i have complied a few brands that are new to me, the brand itself may not be new but i have never tried any of their products. I have split this concept of blog into two, one for Eastern/ Asian brands and products and another will be for the American/ Western brands and products. For those that i have made a review prior to this blog post, i will link them underneath.

I’M MEME Fresh Cleansing Oil & Cushion Puff
This brand is under MEMEBOX, one of Korea’s beauty subscription boxes. They have collaborated with beauty influencers such as Pony to create their line of beauty products, and thats how I learnt of their existence. This cleansing oil is my second cleaning oil away from The FaceShop’s Rice Brightening Facial oil. It’s gentle, doesn’t sting my eye yet removes my waterproof mascara! To see where i purchased this in Singapore, please clink Link

CosRX AHA/BHA toners, lotion and Salicylic Acid cleanser


CosRX is the brand that products i am having slightly miss and hit with. I’ve already made a review Here aside from the cleanser, but i have been liking that so far! I’m also on my second bottle of AHA A Sol toner that i use as serums on areas that i need, which usually around the T Zone and Chin where i’m more oily and break out prone area.

Nakeup Face, Saat Insight, 3W and BioWooSoo are the three brands that i have never heard before until getting these products. I’ve already made reviews on them.

Konstante Eleganz Fixer by Saat Insight
This setting spray by Saat Insight is the first Korean branded setting spray i have tried, and made a review of. You can see more from
here. I’ve been liking it so far when i’m wearing a lighter more dewy foundations or BB Cream, and i need my makeup to last in the weather.

NAKEUP FACE 10% Glycolic Acid AHA Scaling Cream Nakeup
You can read my review on this product here. This is one of the products that got me sold into the AHA/BHA products.

BioWooSoo Witch Hazel Firming Pore Essence

My enlarged pores are some of my top priorities, when i visited China and got this i cant be more happy! I’m also trying to incorporate serums into my skincare, since its to target more specific areas and issues without piling too much thicker products. Review can be found here.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner Untitled

Klair’s is one of those brands under Wishtrend that i was introduced from Liah Yoo on youtube when she was partnered with them. This is something that i just started using two weeks ago, and have yet to make a review. But just so you know, i have loved it enough to have already purchased another bottle.

Nature Republic cream concealer
I’ve never used concealer in this formulation before, other then it does it’s job in covering without being too drying that’s really all i can say about it. I would need more time to see if i really like it or form an unbiased opinion.

3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream SPF 50 PA++

To be very honest, i got this on Hermo as it was on discount a few months back and started using it on my trip to China. It’s definitely not a tacky sunscreen nor is it too creamy, a review shall come soon.

Next up, i’ll be featuring some of the Western brands.

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