Empties: Toner (Jun 2017 – 2018)

Toner empties

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything empties especially on skincare, and consistently post make up related. So might as well post a series of empties that i have collected since June 2017! I’m going to try to get back to a schedule and posting more regularly again soon. Starting with toners, its one of those hit and miss products depending on your skin. some people need it, some don’t.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

This one of the toners i’ve started using since SHINee was Etude House’s ambassador. My pores were and still are one of my main skin concerns aside to the occasional hormonal acne. It helped control the size of my acne as well as clean it when my cleaners happened to not catch it.
Toner empties

Its still one of my favourite toners I’ve ever used, and might come back to it once i’m done with my Soon Jung toner.

COSrx AHA/BHA Clarifying toner

This toner, unfortunately did not do much for me. It works as a toner and the bottle has that spray cap as well which can be used as a mist during the day but it wasn’t anything special.
Toner empties

But i do love many other COSrx products,  their classical BHA Skin Returning A Sol and salicylic acid cleanser/

Klairs supple preparation facial toner

Klair’s toner has by far the most different consistency of toners I’ve ever tried. its the sticky, thicker consistency that my younger self would have hated due to my “oily skin” issues. Now that i’m older and more conscious of my changing skin type, as well as how ingredients in skin care benefit, immediately i decided to try this toner. It was a pleasant surpise that “Dimethyl Sulfone” is listed as the third ingredient. It is found in many living organism and helps with recovery of damaged cells. Toner empties

My skin needs a lot of assistance for inflammation when i break out occasionally, aside to hydrating my skin. My mom is also using my second bottle of this toner, and there hasn’t been complains with this toner drying her out!

Innisfree No Sebum Toner

Now this, was a new to me. Innisfree’s famous no sebum line first came in the form of loose powder, primer, then pressed powder, before seeing it having a shampoo and conditioner line before made into skin care line. There is a scent of mint in this toner during the beginning, before its scent goes away after about 2 weeks.
Toner empties

Its really a basic toner that works as a mist as well as long as you transfer it out to a smaller bottle. I loved the minty scent as they have for the shampoo, it really refreshes me in the morning. But with my favourite toners around, it just doesn’t fare enough for me to even repurchase.

Next up would be Etude House Soon Jung toner that i have been meaning to try, extremely excited for that! What are your thoughts on these products?

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