Online Shopping Recommendation

Who doesn’t like shopping, especially when you can get a deal or two?

Living in Switzerland means i did not have retail access to many of the products i used in my everyday beauty routine, which means i have to go online to shop. But being students, i have limited amount of budget, therefor discounts or cash backs are important. Here are some websites that I usually shop at, and some new website i have discovered and currently use to help me save.

Get rewarded when you shop with Shopback!

  • Singapore Editon Link
  • Indonesia Edition Link

Shopback are especially useful since I take Grab quite often, especially in Indonesia. Yes, they only give 1000 rupiah per ride but they offer a lot of discounts. After accumulating to a certain amount of redeemables, you can get them transferred to your bank account. 

For Korean Beauty Items
All of them supply their item directly from South Korea, therefor price are much gentle compared to retail shop.

    • Hermo (Singapore Edition) Link 
    • Althea (Singapore Edition)  Link – $7 discount code
    • Jolse (International) Link
    • Innisfree (International) $5 coupon code: ZK07U442V05S
    • Cosmetic-love (International) Link – 10% discount code
    • Soohyang_kbeauty (Indonesia) Link – Indonesia (based in Batam).