AB Steak Jakarta by Chef Akira Back

Don’t think i’ve ever mentioned my love for food, not just for eating and its taste, but also for the artistic visuals that the chefs are able to create. If you’ve ever watched cooking shows, either America’s Iron Chef or Korea’s Please Take Care of My Refridgerator, Chef Akira Back (백승욱) shouldn’t be a stranger. AB Steak Jakarta hasn’t been opened for long, just slightly under 6 months of opening and there are already a steady flow of guest from opening to closing, so please book your tables in advance to avoid disappointment.


When I found out that AB Steak Jakarta was to open, i remember looking on my laptop in Switzerland on who to ask to go with me. Thank goodness for a close foodie friend of mine, Phoebe who kindly came with me although she had already went the day before knowing that i am a fan of Chef Akira Back. Below are what we have ordered:

Starters/ Side Dishes

Cold Tofu (IDR 65,000)

Seasoned perfectly & a perfect combination of soft and crispy. The seasoning wasn’t too spicy, yet providing a small kick of flavour.
Akira Back

Wagyu Steak Tartare (IDR 185.000)

Did someone say tartare and steak together? Switzerland has pampered my palette for beef tartare, and having ended my education there meant ending my accessibility to tartare. That was what i thought before coming to AB steak! The main differences between this tartare and the usual tartare are the texture of bread and meat and of course its ratio. The meat is usually equal or more then the usual toast, bringing a balance of softness and crunchy. The toast here are much fluffier, and the tartare isn’t too seasoned. The nuts that are in there gives it the crunchy i love!
Akira Back

Fat Duck Fries (IDR 90.000)

Technically i won’t call it a fat fry cut, but with the generous toppings in this dish you would wonder why its called “Fat Duck Fries”. Its loaded!
Akira Back

Scallop Crudo (IDR 135.000)

This would be perfect for my taste butts, if only i have not been accustomed to less sodium. The texture of the scallops were perfect, the chives helped balance the yuja soy and kimchee gel but i wished to have more of them just because of my palette.
Akira Back

Main Course – Steak Time!!

These are the highlight of the meal – meat. What i really liked about AB Steak’s concept would be its east meets west style on meat. Half the time i would love Asian barberque, at the same time missing steak that i had in Europe. This brings them both together, not making a meal too elaborate nor too simple.

The meat that we have chosen:

Flat Iron – Australian Wagyu 9+ (IDR 230.000/100G)
45 Days Porter House – 200 days grain fed Australian Angus (IDR 210.000/100G)
Akira Back
As expected from a wagyu 9+ cut and a grain fed beef, melts in your mouth leaving you for more.

AB Steak provides 5 types of salt and sauces. For salt: garlic, kimchi, truffle, yuzu and Himalayan whilst the sauces are soy wasabi, ssamjang, sesame oil, chimichurri and bulgogi. As i personally feel that with this good of a meat quality, it should be tried on it’s own without sauce to not disturb it’s original taste. As to my understanding on the process of dry aged meat, there are a lot of salt involved, that making my second reason to on why i chose to not touch the salts or sauces as it might make it more salty. But if you like strong taste, please feel free!

Akira Back
AB Steak’s meat are from the United States, Japan and Australia and categorised to Fresh Cut or Dry aged. We pick a meat from each category, and happened to chose Australian as I am more familiar with Australian beef from Osia Restaurant.

I would like to return for more meat cut in the future, so anyone else coming with me next time?

AB Steak by Chef Akira Back
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan no. 7
MD Place Mezzanine Level, Kuningan, Jakarta 12910
RSVP: +6287772278325
Opening hours: 18.30-22.30

EarthBake Brownies – Medan, Indonesia

Awhile ago a friend of mine started baking brownies from home and have them sold. Initially it was only sold to people in Medan and after awhile, he started to ship them off to all over Indonesia. His brand of brownies are called EarthBake.

These are what he usually have to offer, and mind you that delivery fee is only applicable within Medan. As I am from Jakarta, I have to order 2 large ones and the express delivery fee is around 100,000 IDR but it didn’t arrive nicely. You can’t expect too much with indonesia’s delivery system although it is labelled as food and be extra careful.

For Christmas, i decided to try order and try some out.

Saturnian Brownie


72% Dark Chocolate, Golden Age Caramel Sauce, Citron, White Sesame and Walnut


I really love nuts and my brothers have sweet teeth, so this one attracted our attention best due to it having chunks of walnuts and being drizzled slightly with caramel sauce. Don’t let chocolate and caramel scare you, 72% black chocolate and the walnut helps cancel out the overly sweet taste the usual brownies give you.

Earth Brownie – BalanceUntitled

72% Dark Chocolate, Roasted Walnut and Salted Pumpkin Seed


Totally forgot the salted pumpkin seed being one of the main uniqueness in this recipe. It is almost like the baby size of the Saturnian brownie due to its smaller walnut size. The saltiness is just right! i really wish i could bring it over to Hong Kong with me during my internship.

This one i did not order as it just came out

The Venus Brownie

72% Dark Chocolate , Belgian Chocolate Chips, Citron Cheese

Chocolate with chocolate guys i can’t even with this one! and there is cheese as well!!!


So fellow indonesians! if you are ever interested in quality brownies please contact my buddy Rong Lee through Line. His ID : Rongzlee

Scoopz Hand Craft Ice – cream opening in Indonesia

Home away from home? Try out Scoopz, a Singapore based hand craft ice – cream shop! Today marks their first day opening in Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s first branch opened in Parkway Parade, Singapore in 1996, you can imagine my siblings and I going there often since we live so close by! The bosses were super friendly as well, introducing to us this newest menu of theirs only available in Jakarta, Indonesia. We love durian and milo, combining it with ice cream and imported from Singapore our second home, we cannot ask for more!

Keep reading for more and where to locate this!


With their newest creation – Molecular DimSum IceCream! Eaten with chop sticks, It’s just so adorable with 6 different type of shapes and flavours! This new menu is only available in Indonesia

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Marmalade Pantry : Orchard ION

Despite Marmalade Pantry being in Singapore for over 2 years, this is only my second time visiting. And most of my friends have never heard of the Marmalade Pantry although it has located in Orchard and Fairway Drive. I revisited here with my mom and brother after we went to check out prices for Airline Tickets at Singapore Airlines (ridiculous pricing btw).


Marmalade Pantry
2 Orchard Turn #03-22
ION Orchard Singapore
Tel: +65 6734 2700

Sakura Green tea: $6.50 ++

Green Tea would usually leave an after taste that is pretty unforgettable, but this green tea here my friend, leaves almost none. This really isn’t strong enough for me to remember and want to come back for more. For the price of $6.50, i have to apologize but go for Starbucks or TWG instead.


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[REVIEW] Dessert Company Jakarta – Revisited

Since my last visit to Dessert Company during march, i swore to revisit and bring some people with me since i was disappointed in the pastry i ordered and i couldn’t believe i was disappointed! The disappointment on my last visit, in my opinion, was still the strawberry tart. I am really disappointed in myself for losing the pictures from my previous visit, more then i was disappointed then the strawberry tart 😦

Location of Dessert Company Jakarta

Dessert Company
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jalan Marina Raya, Rukan Crown Golf Blok B Unit 3
Muara Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara
(021) – 2942 4880

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[FOOD REVIEW] BigB Cafe & Restaurant

Sunday dinner with Phoebe @ Orchard area. Since we got bored of Canele, we ended up at BigB, a mix of Cafe and Restaurant.


BigB Cafe•Restaurant
B1-08 Paragon 290 Orchard Road S(238859) Telephone: 6836 1495

We ordered a cheese burger, a dirty rice (apparently a fancy name for fried rice -.-“) and two portion of tea for a total of $53.50 after tax and service charge.

Cheese burger ($16)


Dirty rice ($15)


There really isn’t anything special about this cafe/restaurant other then it being a mix of a cafe and a restaurant. When I first saw “Dirty Rice” I was expecting something fancy, but it turns out to be fried rice. Which is expensive when you think about a fried rice being about $17 after tax and such. The Cheese burger as well, nothing too fancy other then it being a big portion.

There wasn’t a wide range of tea, but the only one that got me interested is the Korean Red Ginseng. I got it in cold form even though I’m currently having a cold. It tasted really sweet at first but after a few mins it tasted like some pleasant tasting Chinese herbs. It was $7 before tax and service charge.

For $53.50 two people I wasn’t really impressed. Other then the tea I really won’t go back again, and the only reason I went was because Phoebe wanted to go.

Nanny’s Pavilion @ Central Park, Jakarta

Nanny’s Pavilion is a very floral designed restaurant, having a few cutely designed in a few shopping malls in Jakarta like Central Park and Grand Indonesia. It started out from a branch in Bandung, before spreading to different cities in Indonesia. It has a few concepts of a house, but over all floral.

•Garden – R.E Martadinata No. 112, Bandung
•Terrace – Sogo Central Park GF, Jakarta
•Living room – Citywalk Sudirman GF Unit 21, Jakarta
•Bathroom – Pacific Place Unit 4/50-51, Jakarta
•Library – Setiabudi No. 55, Bandung
•Barn – Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera, Tangerang

With the first 3 pictures, it shows some floral design and some french which is in and outside of the restaurant as well floral. It has the girl next door, pink, floral design which is really cute.




I went with my cousin and her friend, 3 of us were starving so we ordered 3 main courses: all pastas. But me being a picky eater, I knew I would not like something about my dish so I ordered a mash potato garnished with melted cheese. It turned out I was right. I didn’t really enjoy my mushroom spaghetti.




It wasn’t because of the taste, I was because it was too oily. I was half way done with the noodles and I can already see the excess oil at the bottom. Thank goodness for the mash potato. I didn’t finish the noodles, and shared some of the mash potato with my cousin.

I won’t want to order the mushroom spaghetti again due to the oil. I would come back again due to its pretty decorations and the potential of mash potato dish 🙂 I believe it was slightly over 300,000 IDR for 3 main dishes, 1 side dish and 2 drinks. The price wasn’t too bad as compared if you were to eat it in Singapore.