EarthBake Brownies – Medan, Indonesia

Awhile ago a friend of mine started baking brownies from home and have them sold. Initially it was only sold to people in Medan and after awhile, he started to ship them off to all over Indonesia. His brand of brownies are called EarthBake. These are what he usually have to offer, and mind you that … Continue reading EarthBake Brownies – Medan, Indonesia

Scoopz Hand Craft Ice – cream opening in Indonesia

Home away from home? Try out Scoopz, a Singapore based hand craft ice - cream shop! Today marks their first day opening in Jakarta, Indonesia. It's first branch opened in Parkway Parade, Singapore in 1996, you can imagine my siblings and I going there often since we live so close by! The bosses were super friendly … Continue reading Scoopz Hand Craft Ice – cream opening in Indonesia

[REVIEW] Dessert Company Jakarta – Revisited

Since my last visit to Dessert Company during march, i swore to revisit and bring some people with me since i was disappointed in the pastry i ordered and i couldn't believe i was disappointed! The disappointment on my last visit, in my opinion, was still the strawberry tart. I am really disappointed in myself … Continue reading [REVIEW] Dessert Company Jakarta – Revisited

[FOOD REVIEW] BigB Cafe & Restaurant

Sunday dinner with Phoebe @ Orchard area. Since we got bored of Canele, we ended up at BigB, a mix of Cafe and Restaurant. Address: BigB Cafe•Restaurant B1-08 Paragon 290 Orchard Road S(238859) Telephone: 6836 1495 We ordered a cheese burger, a dirty rice (apparently a fancy name for fried rice -.-") and two portion … Continue reading [FOOD REVIEW] BigB Cafe & Restaurant

Nanny’s Pavilion @ Central Park, Jakarta

Nanny's Pavilion is a very floral designed restaurant, having a few cutely designed in a few shopping malls in Jakarta like Central Park and Grand Indonesia. It started out from a branch in Bandung, before spreading to different cities in Indonesia. It has a few concepts of a house, but over all floral. •Garden – … Continue reading Nanny’s Pavilion @ Central Park, Jakarta