Ninety-Nine in Grand Indorsia, Jakarta

Ninety-Nine, a western restaurant located in Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta Indonesia, has got a lot of attention. The location being near high end branded boutiques like Gucci and Chanel, it gives a expensive atmosphere.

I visited with my cousin, her husband and my little niece 🙂

I haven’t seen her for so long and she has grown so much. Times past, she’s already 5.

For a group of 3 and a half, we ordered 3 portions and some nibbles so my niece can have some food as well. Since she’s still 5, she doesn’t eat a full adult portion obviously.







I do not remember the names of the orders we did, but man the portions were big! I couldn’t finish my plate. Thank goodness the pizza we ordered was out of stock, or else we have to pack more up to bring home. For its price it was reasonable, although most people will say its expensive. The two sandwiches were about 70 – 80,000 Rupiah each, where the carbonara, fries and mushroom soup were slightly cheaper. After taxes and service charge and a couple of drinks, I believe it was around 500,000 Indonesian Rupiah. For a restaurant in Grand Indonesia, its portion, and with its environment, it was really affordable. But for the ladies, take note. The potion is too big for 1 female, just nice for a male, unless you can eat a lot. If you go with a group of friends, share a portion each.

The location of Ninety-Nine in Jakarta:

Ninety-Nine Jakarta Grand Indonesia East Mall Lower Ground Jl. MH Thamrin No .1 Jakarta Pusat 10310

I would visit again but I’ll bring my brothers since they are the ones who can eat a lot.

Happy Mother’s Day 2013 :D

Happy Mothers Day

to all Moms, grandmothers and influential women!

This year, we didn’t do much of a celebration but we did eat out with some family friend.
Photo 13. 5. 12. 14 20 08 This is my mom and one of her close friend. We’ve known their family since forever (a long side with 2 other family that are not with us today) and we went out eating for lunch with their family in a brunch from Canton Paradise, called Canton I, in Ion Orchard Singapore after church service today.

*Ignore my brother’s expression. He decides to go photo – bombing every time we take pictures. This was the only decent picture we had of the day.

Photo 13. 5. 12. 14 24 49

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Nambantei Yakitori @ Far East Plaza

Yakitori!! Another favourite of mine for Japanese food! I usually go to the other Yakitori stands that has bento boxes you buy back to eat, and this is my first time eating Yakitori sitting down in the restaurant because I guess it’s pretty rare plus it’s pricy. I went with my mom after church, since Far East was next to Hyatt Hotel.

Location of Nambantei Yakitori

Nambantei Yakitori
14 Scotts Road, #05-132, Far East Plaza

Just to mention, the place is super tiny. Don’t expect to show up and get a seat right away. The place is so small, it fits only around 20 guest. The grilled and kitchen took up most of the space for customers.

My FOTD for church


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Mookata Thai Steamboat/Barberque @ Katong

My second time visiting Mookata, the first time thanks to Clarissa for introducing me to this delicious restaurant although its in a different location 😀

Read my experience of first time at Mookata!
Mookata Tradition Thai BBQ/Steamboat with Clarissa

I went to the one at Golden Mile (where ever that is). It was a thai shopping centre apparently. This time, i went to the one at Katong, opposite of I12Katong Shopping Mall. The signboard won’t be difficult to miss, its “Mookata” with two piggie face 😀 I went this time with Veronica after tuition at my place. It was 42 for both of us, after 2 drinks and additional charges.this was the set for 2 people one. Address of all Mookata restaurants are located in the Mookata BBQ post I went with Clarissa.

The Cute Piggy Sign on the menu and on the signboard

Photo 13. 4. 11. 21 09 58

The HotPot/barberque – a two in one goodness.

The good about this is when the juices from the meat flow down to the soup… its heaven!! the vegetables make the soup sweet as well 😀 i just wished that didn’t have MSG.

Photo 13. 4. 11. 21 10 19

Meat on the left, Hotpot/barberque on the middle, Vegetable on the right.
(and Veronica hiding)

Photo 13. 4. 11. 21 10 47

This is just the two of us pigging so late at night
Photo 13. 4. 11. 21 11 06

Although the location is a lot easier to go to and a lot cleaner, it will have been better with air-conditioning. It was ridiculously warm since it is hot pot after all. Service wise, a lot better then the one i went with Clarissa but it seem that they were short of staff with their speed.

40 Hands Cafe + getting lost

So, stupid Joan decided to go on an adventure to explore Singapore again. She loooooves to get lost, and bringing me along as well. I have been in Singapore or 15 years doesn’t mean I’m the type that knows where places are, Joan’s 22 and she loves adventures again. This time round she decides to bring me to 40 Hands Cafe, address:

40 Hands Cafe
Blk 78 Yong Siak St
Singapore 163078
6225 8545

Tiong Baru mrt station around there, which wasn’t bad. But this cafe is so difficult to find!! The street was easy to locate, but you won’t the sign board easily. Took us 20 minutes in that street looking for it. This I used Joan’s new Samsung Galaxy 2 to take, my goodness it’s so difficult to use!

The drinks
Plain water is free, and you take a bottle to your table and drink. Smart.


The chocolate was not bad, better then prologue ^^
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Happy Easter 2013^^

Happy Easter Day/ Pentecostal everyone! Other then Christmas, this is another one of those holiday that suffers from misconception. No, Christmas isn’t about Santa Claus or Elves or Reindeer that flies. Easter isn’t about Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. Both about Jesus.

After church my mom decided to go for brunch at Paris Baguette, a korean chain cafe famous in both Korea and the United States. They mostly have pastries, but with some brunch menus as well. This is my 3rd time to Paris Baguette, and I must say its very expensive. We spent $115 just for 4 people today, which is ridiculous for a cafe. In a sense it’s a self service cafe where you have to find your own seat and order your food and pay at the counter yourself but the food (like brunch menu, patpingsu and drinks) will be served by the waitresses/waiters.


Paris Baguette Singapore (Wisma Atria)
435 Orchard Road, #02-48 to 53 Wisma Atria, Singapore 239977 (Orchard MRT), Tel:+ 65 6836 2010, +65 6836 3010

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Bibigo @ Raffles Place

Location and more information for

252 North Bridge Road, #B1-74
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6336 4745
Operation time: 7 days a week, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

After school today I went with 2 classmates and 2 juniors since they wanted nice korean food. I’ve been to Bibigo @ Raffles place twice before and I really liked the food there for a reasonable price as compared to Su 수 from Far East Plaza.

5 dishes (+ 7% GST + 10% Service) = $80. Total people = 5


Bibimbap 비빔밥 – $16

The nice thing about this is you can choose the type of rice, type of meat and type of sauce. So non pork eaters who don’t mind eating non halal food, this is great since you can choose chicken or beef instead of pork!

Spicy Tofu Soy – $14

You can, again, choose seafood or pork for this.

Kimchi fried rice – $16


Fried Mandu -$10

This is pork! So sorry for non pork eaters!

Seafood Pancake – $14


Out of the 5 dishes, I dislike the Seafood pancake most. For its heavy price of $14, it is made out of mostly vegetable as compared to the seafood or the pancake. It’s like eating grossed out vegetable.

Current promotions: if you use UOB card, there is a 10% discount on the tab. No more DBS/POSB though, which upsets me a lot.