Worth it? Colourpop – Haul, Swatches and Review

Colourpop has been in the lime light of affordable American brand makeup yet high quality for awhile now. I’ve also seen it’s lip products to being compared to Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, and with 50USD worth of purchase they do overseas shipping so why not jump onto the band wagen? During the time of my graduation, i made a purchase as giving myself a treat for graduating.


Supershock Eyeshadow

From Top to Bottom: Brady (Matte), Game Face(Ultra Metallic), Sequin (Ultra Glitter), Truth (Satin), Static (Satin), LaLa (Ultra Glitter)

I am so in love with the eyeshadows! Every single one of them pigmented enough its not over whelming. Sequin and Lala are categorised as an Ultra Glitter formula, they do not have glittering chunks that fall off even when using a brush to apply. Sequin is my favourite shade yet so far since its a pinkish brown, also a shade i would like to try working with. Im used to neutral, matte shades because of school and work so Colourpop gave me a chance to work with formula and colours that are different to what i am used to.

All of them have this wet feel to them, although there are all powder eyeshadow. They also came with instructions to keep its lids tightly shut if not in use as they will dry out. Its almost like a wet to dry formula, but in a dry form.

Liquid Lips

Top to bottom: Ultra Satin Lip – Barracuda, Ultra Matte Lip – More Better, Viper, Timesquare, Lippie Stick – Button


I really have a lot of mixed thought on the lipsticks, as much as the great price point for its quality. Here are some reason why


All of them dry down a lot darker then how it looks like in the tube, and just based on the swatch above, Barracuda, Viper and Timsquare looks so similar but when put on my lips and dried down, they turn out very different. To compare them three, TimeSquare on me is a just a very pale nude lip, Viper is a darker shade of pinky nude while Barracuda is a darker vampy nude.

Formula and finish

Three different finishes were purchased – Ultra Satin, Ultra Matte, and the lippie stick, and i can say, i love the Ultra Satin Lip finish best. It is not too drying unlike the Ultra Matte, and have a better staying power as well as higher pigmentation on the lip as compared to the Lippie Stick. I would still use lip balm way before applying the liquid lipsticks, as even the Ultra Satin finish dried my lips out slightly at the end of the day. Every time i finish a meal, there are still product on my lips. Having to use oil based makeup remover is a great indication for its staying power.

For its price points, definitely worth it! What other brands can you ship to overseas for yet so many items for approximately 50USD?



How I managed to save 50% – Shopping with deals and cash backs

I have just recently graduated from collage, and currently jobless as upsetting as it sounds. Being jobless doesn’t stop the constant want of shopping, therefor i look out for discounts that can be more friendly to the pocket. Thats where the habits and skills of being most collage students, which is constantly at a look out for deals, is made to use! It’s also the time of the year where i have to get my skincare items stocked up, and i usually once mid year and once in the beginning of the year.

I’m always on a journey to look for affordable skincare that works for my sensitive skin, especially on a look out for promotions online and in stores. These are some items i have purchased during the month of June, other then the Etude House BB creams but i am going to include them here to prove how much deals can be found even in Singapore and Indonesia.

First place i have shopped from is Hermo Singapore. They are a Malaysian based online shop, they have shipping to Singapore for a purchase of anything above SGD 45, and they have sale going on quite often as well. By making use of their promotions and delivery free from 45 SGD and below, you can end up saving on a lot. 

I’m Meme (@immeme_official)’s I’m Cleansing Oil in #2 Fresh Oil and Rubycell PuffsIMG_4404

This will be my first time trying anything out from I’m MEME, after being exposed from Pony’s collaboration with them. When i was shopping for this, they had a 50% discount so for whopping 195 ML worth of I’m Cleansing Oil in #2 Fresh Oil, it ended up costing $12.80. The 5 piece puff was also at alms 50% off, becoming at $7.90 at time of purchase.

Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream
IMG_4389 I’ve been looking for this moisturiser everywhere, but only to find them sold out in many of my favourite online shop. its a very basic moisturiser that doesn’t oil my combo – oily skin or irritate my sensitive skin. At time of purchase, this cost at $11.90 where as its retail price is $25 for 50g.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit and Blooming Fit

I have previously reviewed this product, if you are interested. Review Link IMG_4396

Etude House AC Clean up cleanser and Baking Powder BB Cleansing Powder Foam cleanser
When i saw that Etude House Singapore was having a buy one get one promotion for their cleanser, i could not resist. I’ve been using both of them on so often since the end of my high school life, with their original packaging. I would use the baking powder one in alternative to the Innisfree’s Volcanic Pore Cleanser. Once one run out, I’ll use the other and vise versa. 

Too faced Bronzed and Powerless – Pore perfecting Bronzer

When i was in Jakarta for a week, the Sephora located in Plaza Indonesia had a major discount on many of their products, such as Marc Jacobs and Too Faced. It might be due to their plan of relocating to another shopping centre. I was just window shopping and meeting one of my best friend, thats how i managed to get it for around SGD 25 when it retails in Singapore’s Sephora for SGD42.

Sales are something we should all take advantage of, especially if you are new to the work force and want to save money.

Fave (previously Groupon) and Shopback seems to be two sites that are gaining popularity in Singapore. Its something that i have started to look at as well before using them.

Haul – eyes and acne 

Hey guys!! The past couple of weeks I did some make up shopping for the around the eye area, lips and also acne care. I’ve just decided to put up eye make ups and acne treatments first as i want to dedicate a whole post for lips!

 What I’ve gotten are

-The balm’s  Nude’tude eyeshadow palette

– SmashBox gel eyeliner in black

– Eyelur Brow Palette Brow Trio No. 10 in dark brown

– Maybelline anti – age effect under eye concealer in fair and light

– Wet n wild eyeshadow in nutty (not in picture)

– Seba Med clear face anti – pimple gel

– Origin’s Super Spot remover

Now that I live in Bluche Sur Sierre, we are located in the middle of Sierre (a city in Valais region of Switzerland) and Crana Montana, a famous town for skis an golf. And the Coop by Crans Montana are finally putting Wet n wild up on the shelves! I already have their eye shadow trio in Walking on egg shell, and I heard that the shade Nutty is quite popular as well so I have decided to try it out. I forgot to bring it out when I took this picture. For Maybelline ‘s under eye concealer, it’s my substitute for Collections’ concealler which isn’t available in Switzerland. I go through 1 tube every three months so buying backups now doesn’t hurt.

The Nude’tude,  Eyelur eyebrow kit and the Seba Med pimple gel were purchased at Feelunique.com. It’s a UK based website that ships to the rest of Europe for free after spending a certain amount. To Switzerland was above 18 CHF. I just wanted to try more things out in terms of eyebrow kits, and needed more acne fighting friends therefor the Seba Med acne gel. More importantly I’ve shooed at feelunique.com a couple of times and this time they were on sale for 15% off. I have a whole post on some of my current favourite lip products that are bought through this website as well.

Though this time the box came in like this, which got me extremely upset 😦 with just 3 products why such a big box though?  
I just started testing these products out, and will continue further before reviewing them.

Asia Haul – Skin Care and Make Up

Hi everyone! Just to explain why I have been missing in action for so long. Since i have been living in Switzerland for the past two years, I have barely any time for blogging, not to mention the ability to attend Kpop concerts and events any longer. Usually, Kpop groups only visit the bigger cities such as Paris and London. No one goes to Switzerland for any concert, so i have not been able to get any pictures to keep my Asian Sanity. The only time i get to go back is when i have a longer holiday (1 month) or when i did my internship last year in Singapore.

During this year’s Summer Break, I managed to go back to Singapore and Indonesia. My family and I had some time to visit China before coming back to Switzerland. Other then sight seeing, we did a little shopping as well. These were purchased when i was in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and China over the span of 1 month.  Lets get them started!

From Singapore

  1. Clio Waterproof Brush Eyeliner in Kill Black and Kill Brown ($20 each after discount)
  2. K-palette 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner ($18 after discount)
  3. Real Techniques Blusher brush
  4. Phyto Paris Phyolisse hair serum (Buy one get one)
  5. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 – Hour blush in Charisma (deluxe sample by Sephora)

From HongKong

  1. My Beauty Dairy Masks – Apple Polyphenol and Arbutin
  2. Banila Co. It Radiant CC whitening moisturizing colour control base
  3. Clinique 3 step creates great skin travel size

From Indonesia

  1. Laneige Power Essence Skin Refiner
  2. Laneige Balancing Emulsion
  3. Wet And Wild – Walking on egg shell eyeshadow

From Cosmetic – love (online)

  1. The FaceShop Herb Day Cleansing Tissue in 20 px and 70 px
  2. The FaceShop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Rich Oil
  3. Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream

There was a couple more i have forgotten to take a picture of, and those are the things i’ve gotten from ShangHai. I’m actually in the process of changing up and skin care routine, and i will post them up soon a long side as the haul i’ve gotten from ShangHai. I will be reviewing these products soon as well.

Summer Make Up/ Skincare Haul – Part 1

Being back to Asia basically equals to getting all the love and care our body is used too. Food, weather (not really), languages, familiar places, and last but not least, beauty products. Since I’m back to Asia, i have decided to change up my skin care regiment and as well, stock up on make up products. This post is just one of my many segments of what i shopped whilst i was back, and this particular one focuses on Etude House. Etude House has some serious girly and colourful packaging! That aside, their products are suited towards teenagers – young adults (early 20s). I’ve been using some product since i was 17 up until now (I’m currently 22), and some products I’ve been loving and repurchased multiple time.


These are just some repurchase i’ve decided to get in both Singapore and Indonesia while vacationing.

Photo 3-7-15 00 45 19//

1x AC Acne Daily cleansing foam
I have acne prone skin, and i would change out my acne “fighting” cleansers every 6 months as i did not want my skin to get too accustomed to a product. This acne cleanser and Clinique’s Acne Solution Foaming Wash. I would use these ance cleaners during the mornings only, and then at night the Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam (either the BB version or normal one). I haven’t gotten around to purchase the Baking Powder cleanser yet.

2x Precious Mineral BB Cushion
At the beginning of Summer, i have already purchased a BB cuchion refill, but spending 1 month in the beach wearing this foundation only i ran out faster then imagined so a second one is needed.

10 x Mask
Etude House doesn’t have the perfect mask, but it brings radiance to the face after each sheet no matter what label it says though some more moisturising then others. Its really affordable too!

And of course, can we forget the Samples/ Free gift they offer? As i have purchased more then 500,000 Rupiah at an Etude House, i was eligible to sign up as member which gets me 20% off future purchases. Etude House in Indonesia is really expensive, spending 500,000 local currency isn’t difficult at all.
Photo 3-7-15 00 47 08

Can i just mention how cute the hair brush is? I’ve never in a hundred years can imagine getting hair brush as a free gift, but hey i’m not complaining 😀 they also provided some samples of the firming line products, which i can use for when i stay over at someone’s house for a night.

Birthday Haul Part 1 – make up and skin care

I turn 21 on the 3rd of October!! I haven’t gotten a lot since I have to wait for my pay at the end of the month. These things were pretty urgent in my “need – to – purchase” list and just are really basic.


What I have purchased yet so far are skin care and make up.
1) Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating lotion (Watson’s)
2) Clio Kill Bill water proof brush liner (Watson’s)
3) Maybelline’s hyper curl volum’ Express (Watson’s)
4) Pure Heal’s Propolis 80 Cream (Sephora)
5) Etude House Look at My Eyes Cafe eyeshadows in BR403 & BR402 ( Etude House)
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First pay haul – Tom Ford, L’Occitane, Zara, H&M

23rd June marks my first day of internship and I got my first week paid on the 1st of July due to closing of the month. I wasn’t much, 450 Swiss francs plus tips. But never the least, I went shopping with my first pay 🙂 there was a small Yankee Candle in sweet apple and another of the Body Shop shower gel I didn’t feature as it’s in the bathroom. It took me two weeks to get these, one picture I took were the things I got during my two different week day offs. Of course I had to go overboard and had to use my own money as well since the mere 450 pay wasn’t enough

My personal favourites in this part of the haul are the NYX retractable eyeliner in brown and the Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau de perfume pour homme. Yes, a guy perfume but don’t judge. I first smelt this on my friend, and since I was around him so much for the few days he was here to visit, I got so used to the scent and I just fell in love with it.

The NYX eyeliner I was introduced by a beauty blogger, who recommended it for oily lids. Not only it’s a drugstore product, it works so perfectly on oily lids! Speaking of drugstore, I just realised that Boujois has repackaged their famous Healthy Mix Foundation. Sure thing I will do a comparison of the new and old version of this, since I was totally in love it the old formulae.

Can’t really forget PJs and body wash, no? The shirt and pants are from H&M, comfortable to sleep in, and doesn’t look to shabby to walk around this small city in.


Incase I forgot to mention, it’s summer sale season in Switzerland. Almost everything is on sale, and many are as high as 70% off! Main theme of this haul (done today) was practicality. The black leather jacket from Zara was initially above 100 CHF, but after the sale it was as low as 39 CHF! Definitely the steal of the day! As seen, hand & foot lotion from L’Occitane (which retails at 30CHF each) and two bottles of the Dove body lotion cost me 75 CHF total.

I pretty sure I went overboard with the shopping, these two hauls themselves was over my 1 week pay 😦 but it was pretty worth the money since it was on sale 🙂