2018 3rd Quarter Empties – Skin care, hand care and make up

We are done with 3 quarters of 2018, and once again its October! Other then being my birthday month, I wanted to celebrate the products I’ve emptied in the past few months and also share what has been replaced. It is so satisfying to see what products others have finished up, what they love and if they will ever purchase them again. So lets get into it!

Hand/ Foot Cream

First up, we have hand and foot cream! I have extremely dry and sensitive hands at the first place, and working in the service industry requires us to be on our feet and hands approximately around 50 hours a week. That is probably why i could finish 3 bottles of hand creams in 4 months, extremely dry hands. My feet are just as bad due to being on my feet so much.


L’occitane has been the number one brand of hand and foot cream ive purchased since Switzerland, and my holy grail in terms of texture. Both has Shea butter as the main ingredient, and from what i know they have produced another shea butter hand cream that is 25%. That is 5% more then the current one i have! Its the next hand cream i am going for.

The Dr Jart + Ceramidin hand cream is the next to go, but apparently its no longer being carried? Please correct me if i am wrong. The scent and texture of this product is amazing!

Avenue’s skin relief hand cream out of this lot is the least of my favourite, although it works. Just not thick enough for my skin.


IMG_0163Plenty of newbies, especially in terms of brand and products.

3W Clinic is an indie brand without much promotion as compared to brands under the likes of Amorepacific. i have not heard or seen any of their products until i got it on a sale, and man i did not regret one bit of it. Although this sun screen is SPF 50 PA+++, it does not leave a white cast. Even with a thicker and milkier consistency, it did not leave any tacky feeling. This is a brand i am looking forward to trying more products from, and as of now i have replaced it with a high school favourite: The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream

Soon Jung cream is a newer line from Etude House, i still have to try out the toner and other products as a set to figure out if it works on my skin. This line is known for sensitive skin. Ive used it as a night cream, and for now it has been replaced with Atopalm Real Barrier Extreme Cream.

The other three products is not new to my site as they are repeated products 😀 Although the cleaner I’ve replaced it with a distant twin – Baking Powder Deep cleaning foam upsized version (300 ML y’all!)


Make Up


Maybeline Mascaras are my favourites, i always keep two different ones open at any given time and takes around 5-6 months to go through them at any given time. The constant age rewind concealer may not be the best concealer out there for under eye, but but there is something with the consistency just enough coverage for everyday usage.  Another few product repeat and already repurchased, and being drugstore all three are on the affordable side!

Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer is just something i want to get rid of, had it since my Hong Kong days and to be honest moved on from it since it isn’t available in Singapore anyways. An affordable alternative is the Etude House Fix and Fix Primer, which i have.

There are a couple of cushion foundations and concealers that I’ve used up but unfortunately forgot to keep them for the post, but definitely Etude House. And a contour powder from Innisfree. So frustrating to not keep them! Seeing all these empties really keeps me from not using anything and just doing crazy hauls. By the end of the year, i should have another emptied post.


New Brands & Products I tried in 2017 Part 1: Asian Brands

Hey guys! 2017 has been the year that i met with a lot of new new changes and challenges in my life; that includes graduating from Uni, job hunting for full time position and moving back to hot and humid South East Asia. Finding new skincare and makeup that would actually withstand the humidity here is also another challenge, but fortunately shopping is made easier then in Switzerland due to a larger market of both Eastern and Western demands. Graduating means leaving my comfort zone behind, may it be career wise, how we manage our time to speak with friends and also now that I am older my skin was no longer how it was. Therefor speaking new items that might work better for my current concerns.

Here i have complied a few brands that are new to me, the brand itself may not be new but i have never tried any of their products. I have split this concept of blog into two, one for Eastern/ Asian brands and products and another will be for the American/ Western brands and products. For those that i have made a review prior to this blog post, i will link them underneath.

I’M MEME Fresh Cleansing Oil & Cushion Puff
This brand is under MEMEBOX, one of Korea’s beauty subscription boxes. They have collaborated with beauty influencers such as Pony to create their line of beauty products, and thats how I learnt of their existence. This cleansing oil is my second cleaning oil away from The FaceShop’s Rice Brightening Facial oil. It’s gentle, doesn’t sting my eye yet removes my waterproof mascara! To see where i purchased this in Singapore, please clink Link

CosRX AHA/BHA toners, lotion and Salicylic Acid cleanser


CosRX is the brand that products i am having slightly miss and hit with. I’ve already made a review Here aside from the cleanser, but i have been liking that so far! I’m also on my second bottle of AHA A Sol toner that i use as serums on areas that i need, which usually around the T Zone and Chin where i’m more oily and break out prone area.

Nakeup Face, Saat Insight, 3W and BioWooSoo are the three brands that i have never heard before until getting these products. I’ve already made reviews on them.

Konstante Eleganz Fixer by Saat Insight
This setting spray by Saat Insight is the first Korean branded setting spray i have tried, and made a review of. You can see more from
here. I’ve been liking it so far when i’m wearing a lighter more dewy foundations or BB Cream, and i need my makeup to last in the weather.

NAKEUP FACE 10% Glycolic Acid AHA Scaling Cream Nakeup
You can read my review on this product here. This is one of the products that got me sold into the AHA/BHA products.

BioWooSoo Witch Hazel Firming Pore Essence

My enlarged pores are some of my top priorities, when i visited China and got this i cant be more happy! I’m also trying to incorporate serums into my skincare, since its to target more specific areas and issues without piling too much thicker products. Review can be found here.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner Untitled

Klair’s is one of those brands under Wishtrend that i was introduced from Liah Yoo on youtube when she was partnered with them. This is something that i just started using two weeks ago, and have yet to make a review. But just so you know, i have loved it enough to have already purchased another bottle.

Nature Republic cream concealer
I’ve never used concealer in this formulation before, other then it does it’s job in covering without being too drying that’s really all i can say about it. I would need more time to see if i really like it or form an unbiased opinion.

3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream SPF 50 PA++

To be very honest, i got this on Hermo as it was on discount a few months back and started using it on my trip to China. It’s definitely not a tacky sunscreen nor is it too creamy, a review shall come soon.

Next up, i’ll be featuring some of the Western brands.

[Review] Etude House Double Lasting Foundation & Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh


Finding the perfect shade and foundation formulation that fits every season has always been difficult. There are different undertones and skin types like combination skin to take into consideration. I’ve posted on instagram a few months ago on separate occasions that my skintype is mostly oily, and have favourited the Etude House Double Lasting Foundation and Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filtr Primer. I do like them together as they work together to keep foundation longer on whilst living in hot and humid South East Asian countries but as i have a few patches on my skin that are dry, it didn’t work so well on those parts. I was also traveling to China, where the northern parts were much chillier.

Recently, Estee Lauder came out with a dry skin friendly version of their famous double wear foundation. Etude House’s foundation was well known to be the exact dupe to Estee Lauder’s original Double Wear, so i thought to buy its dryer skin friendly version to compare.



Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh was a lengthier name, but it indicated a more dewy look when applied. When i went into Sephora to find the best shade for me, the sales lady just tested them on the inside of my arm despite me telling her that i am currently much darker. When i got home to test it, indeed it was not only slightly too pale for current skin and too dewy. That’s when i decided to mix both foundations and applied them on top of the Fenty Beauty primer, thats when i feel in love.



Both shades and consistency are quite similar, as well as their recommended “Shake before use” instruction. It’s initial consistency is quiet creamy, the only difference is the how it sits on your skin when dried down. The Etude House foundation sets dry, while Estee Lauder dewy. When mixed together, they create the perfect balance, the places i need additional hydration was enough while the areas i need matte didn’t slip and slide.

This look below was when i first had both foundations mixed, and it was during my uni reunion gathering. With hours of talking in a bar, there is bound to be alcohol as well. It lasted the 6 hours without transfer or redness peeking through. I’ll also list the other products used.


Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Primer
Etude House Double Lasting Foundation mixed with Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup
Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

Nyx HD Blush in Taupe
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush In Classic

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Urban Decay Naked Heat palette: Scorched and Ashes
Dolly Wink Black Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

Moonshoot Lip Cream In Bonne Mares

I included tried a few variations of this mixture, and the Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr primer helps when i needed the foundation to have something extra to cling upon. Tried it without the primer and it works well too!

What are your thoughts about mixing foundations to get your ultimate favourite shades/ formula?

Four Everyday Autumn Inspired Look – Peach & Cranberry

October is my favourite month of the year, why? Because its when the cold, crispy autumn seasons starts to roll in and also because i am born a libra. When i was in Switzerland, i bought MAC Cosmetic’s eyeshadow in Paradisco and Cranberry, some typical autumnal shades but never really used it. To commemorate them, i decided to take them out to further experiment them. Below are the four simple looks that i have created with the list of products. Three looks will be based on Paradisco, a shimmery peach, while the last look was based the shade “Cranberry”, a burgundy.

Looking into beauty trends in Asian/ Korean vs. Western/ American look for Autumnal vibes, it seems that the Asian/ Korean trends take in more peachy looks while the Western/ Americans usually go with burgundy shades normally due to eye shape. Though in 2017, It seemed to have flipped over just by the palettes and shades famous brands of each side brought out. Western brands like Two Faced has came out with a “Peach” Matte line, where as Asian brands like Etude house has brought out “Wine” based palettes.

Also, i had my eyebrows tattooed two weeks ago in Indonesia. A blogpost will follow after having it retouched, which will be around next month.

Day 1 of eyebrow embroidery

These are my peeling brows, day three in with the embroidery so it looked really messy 😦 It was also on my birthday. Please don’t mind it.

Look One

Etude House Fix & Fix Primer: Pore
Etude House Double Lasting Foundation in Sand
Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte Natural Finish pressed powder in 20 Clair Translucent 1.
NYX blush in Taupe
Chanel Jouse Contraste Powder Blush in 67 Rose Tourbillon.
MAC eyeshadow Charcoal Brown & Paradisco
Clio liquid eyeliner – Black.
ColourPop LippieStix in Mirror Mirror

All the looks below are at least a week after i have gotten my brows done.

Look Two – Everyday look without liner


I wore significantly less Paradisco and more brown in this look as compared to the one before, which i really liked. Also, this was the first time i tired out Etude House’s peel off lip colour (Dear Darling Water Gel Tint Pack) which caused the inner part of my lips to be extremely dry.


Fentybeauty Filtr Primer
Etude House Double Lasting Foundation in Sand
Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte Natural Finish pressed powder in 20 Clair Translucent 1.
NYX HD Blush in Taupe
Chanel Jouse Contraste Powder Blush in 67 Rose Tourbillon.
MAC eyeshadow Charcoal Paradisco + Brown
Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express WaterProof
Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint Pack in OR201 + Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in BE104

Look Three

I would say the look that i was most satisfied with, because I had more time and incorporated different crease shades to achieve this look. Because of The Balm’s greyish shade, it looked more sophisticated then the first look. The lip colour was darker and consistency was lighter in the lipstick i used here. IMG_6523
The Balm Nude’tude #Stand-offish, #Selfish, #Sultry
Mac #Paradisco
Clio Kill Black WaterProof Brush Liner
Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express WaterProof –
Too Faced Bronzed & Poreless Bronzer
Nars Blush in #DeepThroat
Etude House #RD302

Look Four – Cranberry eyes

I absolutely loved the colour “Cranberry”, but didn’t really know how to apply it without looking as though i got punched in the eye. But of course i have time to play more with it 😀

The Balm Nude’tude Stand-offish & Sultry
Mac Eyeshadow in Cranberry
Clio Kill Black WaterProof Brush Liner
Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express WaterProof
NYX HD blush – Taupe
Nars Blush – DeepThroat
Etude House Lipstick in #RD302

At home Spa – The Body Shop Spa of the World™ French Grape Seed Scrub

The Body Shop is one of those internationally well known cruelty free brands that has quality product for affordable price. What i really liked about the brand other then shower products and scents, are how the company works to prevent testing on animals as well as striving to be more sustainable and natural as possible.

I went to visit a store whilst in Indonesia to get my mom some body soap, and saw a lot of products within the “Spa of the World” line. The sales lady told me that this “Firming Ritual” part of that line was the latest in Indonesia, and as i like me some spa experience that won’t break my bank or when last minute fix before a wedding that got me on hook to try the scrub out.

UntitledSpa of the World™ French Grape Seed Scrub

The scrub is said to be formulated with grape seed powder from France and Community Trade sugar from Paraguay, which makes the scrub less harsh on the body as there are powder that are mixed in with oils.

Ingredients (from Official Website):

Glycerin, Sucrose, Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl Palmitate, Parfum/Fragrance, Polyacrylamide, Bertholletia Excelsa Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Aqua/Water/Eau, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil/Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Oenothera Biennis Seed/Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Seed, Laureth-7, Geraniol, Vitis Vinifera Seed Powder/Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Powder, Limonene, Vitis Vinifera Bud Extract/Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Bud Extract, CI 77891/Titanium Dioxide, CI 19140/Yellow 5 Lake, CI 77288/Chromium Oxide Greens.

Based on the ingredients list, sugar still plays a huge role therefor you still can feel the scrub on your body although less harsh. The oils mixed in helps soften and moisturises the skin.

Recommended method of use

Apply it on arms, tummy, tights and bum area, with a circular motion technique twice a week.
Enjoy the Firming Ritual Spa Routine by using the French Grape Seed Scrub with Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream, Thai Makrut Lime Firming Oil and Thai Wooden Massager

The sales person persuaded me to try this specific product out before getting other products from the collection or recommended use, and I did not regret one bit of this product. As i have caught the flu bug these past few of days, all i wanted to do was to treat myself to a spa retreat. As much as i wanted to go for spas and saunas, my body just did not allow me to be outside for more then an hour before feeling feverish. Therefor i could only stay home and have hot showers to help ease stuffy nose. It was the perfect opportunity for me to start cracking the scrub more often.

The sugar particles were small and fine, therefor made easy to scrub onto the body. Being under the air-conditioning  very often, my skin got quite dry skin. And with the hot humid weather, i haven’t found the best body lotions that suits my skin. After the use of The Body Shop’s French Grape Seed Scrub, it helps moisturise after getting rid of rough, dead skin. The last time i tried out a scrub by The Bodyshop, it was a good 4 years ago which you can read here: Chocomania Sugar Body Scrub – The Body Shop. I didn’t like them as much since the sugar particles were a lot larger then the current ones, and not as moisturising.

Price & Size:

499,000 IDR – Approximately SGD50 for 350 ML


Overall, The Body Shop Spa of the World™ French Grape Seed Scrub provided me with an enjoyable DIY spa session at home. It made showering in hot water less painful and drying after, as it brings moisture back to the body. It would probably last me for a good 6 months before running out, but I’m up for getting the recommended accompanying products.

Pore primers – Etude House Fix & Fix Vs. Innisfree No Sebum Blur

I’ve always been told by my facial beautician that my pores are relatively clean, but due to my oily t zone its consistently large. Thats extremely upsetting to hear, so majority of my skin care and make up caters to my oily t zone, large pore and acne based skin.

As I’m getting more into makeup, i started to look more so into primers that helps with make up longevity especially for my targeted pores around the t zone. Whilst i was in HongKong in 2016, i lived near an Innisfree where i was introduced to the No Sebum Blur primer and powder. Etude House not so long ago realised the Fix and Fix Primers, which came in Pore version amongst its other colour correcting primers.


Let’s talk packaging!

Packaging are the first we see in any product, the more attractive and appealing it is the more likely will it attract people’s heart. Innisfree’s tube is relatively squishier and easier to squeeze out the product, where as Etude House’s tube is much sturdier. They are both squeeze tubes but with the materials of the tubes, the Etude House one is definitely easier to control the amount you want while you may push too much out at once for the Innisfree primer.

Consistency & Scent

This particular Innisfree primer, compared to its original clear one is more pigmented, therefor easier to blur out the pores you’d like to hide. Definitely smoother and easier to blend in as it feel much softer. Etude House’s in the other hand is slightly “firmer” to the touch, it did not come out as smoothly as the Innisfree’s and slightly as pigmented. It’s scent however, is extremely pleasant. It could be the fact that i like slightly scented products but i’m not mad.



I’ve tested both primers under similar weather conditions – Hot, Humid and approximately 10 hours, with and without powder over my skin. The Etude House primer ultimately took longer to break down my foundation thats on my t zone, produced less beads of oil on my nose.

My Verdict

Ultimately, I’ll pick the Etude House Fix & Fix Primer as not only do I prefer Etude House’s foundations, BB Creams and Cushions for over all longevity, but it definitely made some of my western foundations sit better on my nose as well. Having to use base makeup from the same brand, i personally believe will help with the outcome and longevity of your make up.


Product & Price

Innisfree – 25ML for SGD $17
Etude House – 30ML for $22.90

Where to buy them:

Both Innisfree and Etude house are available in stores at both Singapore and Indonesia.

Hermo Singapore 

Konstante Eleganz Fixer by Saat Insight Review

Are makeup setting sprays really that necessary as a finishing step? For a combination skin girl living in hot, humid South East Asia, that would be a YES!

About the brand

Saat Insight is a relatively new Korean make up brand, therefor it is relatively unknown to foreigners.
 Can i just give a moment on how beautiful the packaging is?

About the product

  • There is some high claims for this products and it sounds like too good to be true, doesn’t it?
  • The powerful fixer maintains the fresh make-up all day long.
  • Forms a cool and fresh moisture film that provides moisture.
  • Smoothly adheres and tends the skin bright with a gentle glow.



  • Spray before and after makeup, in a T & O shape more so to get on to the T zone and edges of your face.

Retails for USD 25 for 100ML and USD 16 for 50ML

I’ve been testing it for the past month, during which I had to run errands and go for interviews during mid day. Not only has it been warm and humid, there has been mild rain during a couple of days as well. In regards to setting spray, i have had experiences with Urban Decay’s setting spray a few years ago so i know more or less how it should work. First thing first is the spray nozzle distributed the product well enough. I have no complaints.

This product actually can transform your base makeup to a dryer, more powdery finish. With matte foundations such as Etude House’s double lasting foundation, my combination skin felt tight on my smile lines and around the inner corner of the eyes where it is usually dryer. With BB creams and cushion foundations that are has a dewy finish, it sets them like how a setting powder would.


I would repurchase this product after i am finished with this product, as i personally do not like setting powder that much, as i feel like it will hinder the re-application of concealer over them. It is more suited for people with oilier skin that live in hot humid countries or summer time.

Where to buy

This product is sent to me by the company for reviewing purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation to state false statement. All opinions stated are true and of my own.