FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013 : Day 1 – Balmain

Fide Fashion Weeks 2013 kicks start with Balmain as their first show presentation. Many thanks to Edison Cross for the invitation 😀
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Having moved to Switzerland recently, I started to thank all fashion designers out there. Weather isn’t much like Hot Humid South East Asia. Autumn starts to get cold, real cold. Balmain was my next favorite brand next to Marc Jacobs, but of course to look at. Being a student when i was in Singapore, i never found the need to have a million different outfit nor did i have the extra bucks Studying hospitality made me fall in love with these as we had to wear formal clothing’s.

Out of the many pretty outfits, my faviourite one is the white top with polkadots. I personally would like to wear it in singapore with chiffon instead of professional suit fab. But please someone send me this outfit to switzerland to me in suit fabric ~ totally in love with this style.

Transitional to Switzerland!

Finally moving to Switzerland! It’s been a rough few days but nothing I can’t manage so far. Yet. These lovely fan girl fans friends (plus Tasha & Kelvin) sent me off >< surprised I didn't cry


Arriving to Switzerland was not so wonderful. We (my mom and I) realised that it was too warm still, and our autumn winter clothes are too thick. But it’s fine, we managed. Touring around Switzerland before school start, acting like a tourist that I am not. But I took a couple of photos with my phone

This is the view up front of the school I’ll be attending. But it means that I live in the middle of no where.


While on the chocolate train trip, we go to visit a chocolate and a cheese factory. Some of the fantastic views Singapore don’t have. Trip on the chocolate train post will be up with photos soon.



Graduating Class of 2013 – ISS International School

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I finally graduated! Its been a nice 2 years with the IB, we have killed ourselves trying to catch up with deadlines, hated some people one time of another but i can say, IB destroys friendship. I have seen so many friendship ruined due to the stress everyone has accumulated, best friends are no longer best friends. But now that graduations is here, we have fun as a class together the first and last time before leaving. Not all pictures i have with me since my dad took the camera back before i could do this post:(

Thanks to my family who came to my graduation 😀

And of course thanks to my parents who have been supporting me non stop for the past few years, paid my school fees, encouraging me and all. Without them, i won’t be able to go to university – and another good note: I got into Cesar Ritz Switzerland and I’ll be moving over in July. Photo 13. 5. 22. 23 37 05 Photo 13. 5. 22. 23 39 03 Photo 13. 5. 22. 23 39 16 Photo 13. 5. 22. 23 39 47 Photo 13. 5. 22. 23 39 50 Photo 13. 5. 22. 23 41 05

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Happy Mother’s Day 2013 :D

Happy Mothers Day

to all Moms, grandmothers and influential women!

This year, we didn’t do much of a celebration but we did eat out with some family friend.
Photo 13. 5. 12. 14 20 08 This is my mom and one of her close friend. We’ve known their family since forever (a long side with 2 other family that are not with us today) and we went out eating for lunch with their family in a brunch from Canton Paradise, called Canton I, in Ion Orchard Singapore after church service today.

*Ignore my brother’s expression. He decides to go photo – bombing every time we take pictures. This was the only decent picture we had of the day.

Photo 13. 5. 12. 14 24 49

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Senior Prank 2013 and the last day of high school

Senior Prank 2013:D Screen shot 2013-04-19 at PM 02.43.23

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Finally! The last day of high school although we have study leave and finals coming up. This just means i don’t have to deal with drama every single day. Once i graduate in a month and a half, i don;t even need to see some people i don’t need in my life. To be honest there are only a few people i want to keep in contact with as they are just so wonderful, and many i don’t want to see. Well, here are the pictures of the senior pranks we did and some selca’s with some school mate 😀 Some from last year Click here

Photo 13. 4. 18. 12 24 55

Photo 13. 4. 18. 14 40 08

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Nambantei Yakitori @ Far East Plaza

Yakitori!! Another favourite of mine for Japanese food! I usually go to the other Yakitori stands that has bento boxes you buy back to eat, and this is my first time eating Yakitori sitting down in the restaurant because I guess it’s pretty rare plus it’s pricy. I went with my mom after church, since Far East was next to Hyatt Hotel.

Location of Nambantei Yakitori

Nambantei Yakitori
14 Scotts Road, #05-132, Far East Plaza

Just to mention, the place is super tiny. Don’t expect to show up and get a seat right away. The place is so small, it fits only around 20 guest. The grilled and kitchen took up most of the space for customers.

My FOTD for church


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Spring Break in Jakarta – Part 1

Last spring break in high school before going to university with a different schedule! Met up and hung out with a few friends. i only went to jakarta for a week and its not possible to meet most of my friends from another city right? Although i could have met Jiwon, but she went for a service trip.

My cousin and her friend 😀



Food with my 3rd aunt, her younger son and my cousin 😀

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