Pore primers – Etude House Fix & Fix Vs. Innisfree No Sebum Blur

I’ve always been told by my facial beautician that my pores are relatively clean, but due to my oily t zone its consistently large. Thats extremely upsetting to hear, so majority of my skin care and make up caters to my oily t zone, large pore and acne based skin.

As I’m getting more into makeup, i started to look more so into primers that helps with make up longevity especially for my targeted pores around the t zone. Whilst i was in HongKong in 2016, i lived near an Innisfree where i was introduced to the No Sebum Blur primer and powder. Etude House not so long ago realised the Fix and Fix Primers, which came in Pore version amongst its other colour correcting primers.


Let’s talk packaging!

Packaging are the first we see in any product, the more attractive and appealing it is the more likely will it attract people’s heart. Innisfree’s tube is relatively squishier and easier to squeeze out the product, where as Etude House’s tube is much sturdier. They are both squeeze tubes but with the materials of the tubes, the Etude House one is definitely easier to control the amount you want while you may push too much out at once for the Innisfree primer.

Consistency & Scent

This particular Innisfree primer, compared to its original clear one is more pigmented, therefor easier to blur out the pores you’d like to hide. Definitely smoother and easier to blend in as it feel much softer. Etude House’s in the other hand is slightly “firmer” to the touch, it did not come out as smoothly as the Innisfree’s and slightly as pigmented. It’s scent however, is extremely pleasant. It could be the fact that i like slightly scented products but i’m not mad.



I’ve tested both primers under similar weather conditions – Hot, Humid and approximately 10 hours, with and without powder over my skin. The Etude House primer ultimately took longer to break down my foundation thats on my t zone, produced less beads of oil on my nose.

My Verdict

Ultimately, I’ll pick the Etude House Fix & Fix Primer as not only do I prefer Etude House’s foundations, BB Creams and Cushions for over all longevity, but it definitely made some of my western foundations sit better on my nose as well. Having to use base makeup from the same brand, i personally believe will help with the outcome and longevity of your make up.


Product & Price

Innisfree – 25ML for SGD $17
Etude House – 30ML for $22.90

Where to buy them:

Both Innisfree and Etude house are available in stores at both Singapore and Indonesia.

Hermo Singapore 

Konstante Eleganz Fixer by Saat Insight Review

Are makeup setting sprays really that necessary as a finishing step? For a combination skin girl living in hot, humid South East Asia, that would be a YES!

About the brand

Saat Insight is a relatively new Korean make up brand, therefor it is relatively unknown to foreigners.
 Can i just give a moment on how beautiful the packaging is?

About the product

  • There is some high claims for this products and it sounds like too good to be true, doesn’t it?
  • The powerful fixer maintains the fresh make-up all day long.
  • Forms a cool and fresh moisture film that provides moisture.
  • Smoothly adheres and tends the skin bright with a gentle glow.



  • Spray before and after makeup, in a T & O shape more so to get on to the T zone and edges of your face.

Retails for USD 25 for 100ML and USD 16 for 50ML

I’ve been testing it for the past month, during which I had to run errands and go for interviews during mid day. Not only has it been warm and humid, there has been mild rain during a couple of days as well. In regards to setting spray, i have had experiences with Urban Decay’s setting spray a few years ago so i know more or less how it should work. First thing first is the spray nozzle distributed the product well enough. I have no complaints.

This product actually can transform your base makeup to a dryer, more powdery finish. With matte foundations such as Etude House’s double lasting foundation, my combination skin felt tight on my smile lines and around the inner corner of the eyes where it is usually dryer. With BB creams and cushion foundations that are has a dewy finish, it sets them like how a setting powder would.


I would repurchase this product after i am finished with this product, as i personally do not like setting powder that much, as i feel like it will hinder the re-application of concealer over them. It is more suited for people with oilier skin that live in hot humid countries or summer time.

Where to buy

This product is sent to me by the company for reviewing purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation to state false statement. All opinions stated are true and of my own.

Worth it? Colourpop – Haul, Swatches and Review

Colourpop has been in the lime light of affordable American brand makeup yet high quality for awhile now. I’ve also seen it’s lip products to being compared to Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, and with 50USD worth of purchase they do overseas shipping so why not jump onto the band wagen? During the time of my graduation, i made a purchase as giving myself a treat for graduating.


Supershock Eyeshadow

From Top to Bottom: Brady (Matte), Game Face(Ultra Metallic), Sequin (Ultra Glitter), Truth (Satin), Static (Satin), LaLa (Ultra Glitter)

I am so in love with the eyeshadows! Every single one of them pigmented enough its not over whelming. Sequin and Lala are categorised as an Ultra Glitter formula, they do not have glittering chunks that fall off even when using a brush to apply. Sequin is my favourite shade yet so far since its a pinkish brown, also a shade i would like to try working with. Im used to neutral, matte shades because of school and work so Colourpop gave me a chance to work with formula and colours that are different to what i am used to.

All of them have this wet feel to them, although there are all powder eyeshadow. They also came with instructions to keep its lids tightly shut if not in use as they will dry out. Its almost like a wet to dry formula, but in a dry form.

Liquid Lips

Top to bottom: Ultra Satin Lip – Barracuda, Ultra Matte Lip – More Better, Viper, Timesquare, Lippie Stick – Button


I really have a lot of mixed thought on the lipsticks, as much as the great price point for its quality. Here are some reason why


All of them dry down a lot darker then how it looks like in the tube, and just based on the swatch above, Barracuda, Viper and Timsquare looks so similar but when put on my lips and dried down, they turn out very different. To compare them three, TimeSquare on me is a just a very pale nude lip, Viper is a darker shade of pinky nude while Barracuda is a darker vampy nude.

Formula and finish

Three different finishes were purchased – Ultra Satin, Ultra Matte, and the lippie stick, and i can say, i love the Ultra Satin Lip finish best. It is not too drying unlike the Ultra Matte, and have a better staying power as well as higher pigmentation on the lip as compared to the Lippie Stick. I would still use lip balm way before applying the liquid lipsticks, as even the Ultra Satin finish dried my lips out slightly at the end of the day. Every time i finish a meal, there are still product on my lips. Having to use oil based makeup remover is a great indication for its staying power.

For its price points, definitely worth it! What other brands can you ship to overseas for yet so many items for approximately 50USD?



NAKEUP FACE 10% Glycolic Acid AHA Scaling Cream 50ml review



Exfoliating is important for us to get rid of old, dead skin and giving our skin a chance to regenerate new fresh skin. But there are many who are confused with exfoliating, and the products that are available in the current market. To make things easy, there are two types of exfoliation are physical and chemical exfoliant, and the differences are pretty straight forward. Physical exfoliants uses brushes and scrubs while chemical exfoliants uses products that contain AHAs and BHAs.

I’ve been getting into AHAs and BHAs a couple of months ago especially from cosRX, as seen from my previous hauls cosRX Review – AHAs/BHAs. It seemed that it has been booming in the Kbeauty realm, therefor i really wanted to venture more onto it.


With that easy explanation, the NAKEUP Face Glycol Acid is considered to be under chemical exfoliant. But its not just an exfoliant that you remove after you are done exfoliating, its more of a moisturiser and exfoliator combined into one.

Before starting, let me introduce my skin type. I have combination skin and sensitive, oily on the t – zone and dry on the perimeter. I have a lot of acne scaring on the chin area due to hormonal acne.

Full Name:

NAKEUP FACE 10% Glycolic Acid AHA Scaling Cream 50ml

Retail Price:

26,000 Won


Argan tree kernel oil and sea grape extract form a moisture barrier on the skin to prevent moisture evaporation and keep the skin moist. Allantoin and centella asiatica soothe the sensitive and stressed skin quickly. Niacinamide helps tone up the skin clearly.

How i use it:

Use after basic skin care as moisturiser, i use it 3 times a week at night time only.

Recommended usage:

For sensitive skin or first use, use 1-2 times a week.
For dry skin, aging skin, use about three times a week.
For oily skin, combination skin, use 3-4 times a week.

A two in one product – moisturise and exfoliate at the same time. Perfect for lazy people like me who doesn’t want to spend more time on additional steps. There are no particular obvious beads one might think about in a exfoliator, so its extremely gentle on the skin.



Unlike typical exfoliating products, there are no harsh beads and is extremely creamy. While gently massaging onto skin, it turns fro ma creamy texture to a watery lotion type.


Despite my sensitive skin, it does not cause irritation nor redness. At places where acne is yet to surface, it leaves a tingling sensation that isn’t uncomfortable last. It only last for a good minute after it has all been blended into. My skin is left with a soft and smooth feeling after the cream has completely been blended in, and since it is so hydrating my skin does not dry out even after staying in air conditioned room till mid day!


I was not able to find its ingredients list in english, and to be honest when Jolse reached out for me to try it out i did have my doubts since i almost cannot find any reviews on this brand. But upon looking on its Korean website, they feature celebraties such as A – Pink trying their skincare and make up, and it is relatively new. Only debuting in 2014 and yet their brand isn’t crazily well known, it means that they aren’t as commercial as other beauty companies that has huge advertisement. Also, they have CJ Entertainment’s logo down under their website. Having A Pink and CJ Entertainment gave me a peace of heart to try the product out and it did not disappoint.

Would I repurchase? Definitely. They also have different percentages of Glycolic acid which i would like to try out. The 36,000 won price tag maybe heavy but its not a exfoliating moisturizer that is used daily. 50ML would last me for a good 6 months.

Where to buy

This product is sent to me by the company for reviewing purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation to state false statement. All opinions stated are true and of my own.

AB Steak Jakarta by Chef Akira Back

Don’t think i’ve ever mentioned my love for food, not just for eating and its taste, but also for the artistic visuals that the chefs are able to create. If you’ve ever watched cooking shows, either America’s Iron Chef or Korea’s Please Take Care of My Refridgerator, Chef Akira Back (백승욱) shouldn’t be a stranger. AB Steak Jakarta hasn’t been opened for long, just slightly under 6 months of opening and there are already a steady flow of guest from opening to closing, so please book your tables in advance to avoid disappointment.


When I found out that AB Steak Jakarta was to open, i remember looking on my laptop in Switzerland on who to ask to go with me. Thank goodness for a close foodie friend of mine, Phoebe who kindly came with me although she had already went the day before knowing that i am a fan of Chef Akira Back. Below are what we have ordered:

Starters/ Side Dishes

Cold Tofu (IDR 65,000)

Seasoned perfectly & a perfect combination of soft and crispy. The seasoning wasn’t too spicy, yet providing a small kick of flavour.
Akira Back

Wagyu Steak Tartare (IDR 185.000)

Did someone say tartare and steak together? Switzerland has pampered my palette for beef tartare, and having ended my education there meant ending my accessibility to tartare. That was what i thought before coming to AB steak! The main differences between this tartare and the usual tartare are the texture of bread and meat and of course its ratio. The meat is usually equal or more then the usual toast, bringing a balance of softness and crunchy. The toast here are much fluffier, and the tartare isn’t too seasoned. The nuts that are in there gives it the crunchy i love!
Akira Back

Fat Duck Fries (IDR 90.000)

Technically i won’t call it a fat fry cut, but with the generous toppings in this dish you would wonder why its called “Fat Duck Fries”. Its loaded!
Akira Back

Scallop Crudo (IDR 135.000)

This would be perfect for my taste butts, if only i have not been accustomed to less sodium. The texture of the scallops were perfect, the chives helped balance the yuja soy and kimchee gel but i wished to have more of them just because of my palette.
Akira Back

Main Course – Steak Time!!

These are the highlight of the meal – meat. What i really liked about AB Steak’s concept would be its east meets west style on meat. Half the time i would love Asian barberque, at the same time missing steak that i had in Europe. This brings them both together, not making a meal too elaborate nor too simple.

The meat that we have chosen:

Flat Iron – Australian Wagyu 9+ (IDR 230.000/100G)
45 Days Porter House – 200 days grain fed Australian Angus (IDR 210.000/100G)
Akira Back
As expected from a wagyu 9+ cut and a grain fed beef, melts in your mouth leaving you for more.

AB Steak provides 5 types of salt and sauces. For salt: garlic, kimchi, truffle, yuzu and Himalayan whilst the sauces are soy wasabi, ssamjang, sesame oil, chimichurri and bulgogi. As i personally feel that with this good of a meat quality, it should be tried on it’s own without sauce to not disturb it’s original taste. As to my understanding on the process of dry aged meat, there are a lot of salt involved, that making my second reason to on why i chose to not touch the salts or sauces as it might make it more salty. But if you like strong taste, please feel free!

Akira Back
AB Steak’s meat are from the United States, Japan and Australia and categorised to Fresh Cut or Dry aged. We pick a meat from each category, and happened to chose Australian as I am more familiar with Australian beef from Osia Restaurant.

I would like to return for more meat cut in the future, so anyone else coming with me next time?

AB Steak by Chef Akira Back
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan no. 7
MD Place Mezzanine Level, Kuningan, Jakarta 12910
RSVP: +6287772278325
Opening hours: 18.30-22.30

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam Review

I was introduced to the Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam after purchasing Innisfree’s clarisonic like machine during my internship in Hong Kong early of 2016. It was a gift with purchased in Innisfree Hong Kong, and i believe back then they haven’t had Innisfree in Singapore or Indonesia yet. My skin condition wasn’t the best due to the crazy weather conditions as well as my long working conditions, which meant i wore make up longer then i usually do. Undeniably, the “Jeju Volcanic Pore” is one of Innisfree’s most iconic product line due to its products having small particles that are known as Volcanic ashes that helps purify pores. It’s clay mask could be the most famous out of all products.

UntitledJeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam, 150 ML

This product i was using exclusively at night with the Innisfree’s “Clarisonic”, after first getting rid of my make up with The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil as a double cleanse method. Although I mentioned that there are small particles to help cleanse, it is not an exfoliating cleanser therefor is it extremely harsh like many exfoliating cleansers. It can be very drying as it strips most of your sebum out of your skin, so be ready to moisturise! The drying aspect is why i only use it at night. I haven’t had any bad reactions to this product although it broke my mother out, to be fair it doesn’t not claim to be non comedogenic. Currently, I am on my third bottle since then as one bottle would last me approximately 6 months. As i have not had any bad reactions, I will keep using it until i find a better cleanser.

Size: 150 ML & 300 ML
Retail price (Singapore): SGD$10 for 150ML, SGD$20 for 300ML
Always check with online stores to see if they have discounts if you can wait for the product to arrive.
For Singapore based online stores, i recommend:

For overseas online stores:

CosRX review – AHA/BHAs

To be very honest, i haven’t heard much about AHA and BHA until three years ago from Paula’s Choice. It sounded fancy to me, all science and all (the one thing other then math I’m bad at). Im turning 24 at the end of this year, i still have acne that focuses on my chin due to both hormonal and digestive issues. Of course fixing my eating habits is the best way, environmental circumstances helps as well. Before i start rambling, let me talk about AHA and BHA. They both are supposed to target and clean out pores from deep inside, therefor helping to eliminate white and black heads and potentially, getting rid of acne. BHA also has natural skin calming properties, meaning for sensitive skin its also perfect.

My skin has also changed to more combination from oily, a whole lot more redness and sensitivity due to me not taking care of it and of course with age, wrinkles. And although i love Clinique’s acne line, i feel there are too much alcohol in its ingredients and that it caters more to Caucasian skin in comparison to Asian skin. An alternative to my favourite Clinique products, i took to CosRX.

I have three item to share with you from CosRX

  1. AHA/BHA Clarifying treatment toner
  2. Natural BHA skin returning A Sol
  3. Oil free ultra moisturising lotion


AHA/BHA clarifying treatment toner
Comparing to Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener which i have been using for a while, this doesn’t fare too well in terms of pore cleaning and price point. For example, Etude House’s pore toner is $19.00 for 500ML in Hermo SG while the CosRX is $15.20 for 150ML. I’ve also tried this toner by using it on its own without other CosRX, and also with CosRX but it doesn’t make any noticable difference.

Price: SGD 19 (Hermo)

Natural BHA skin returning A Sol

Cosrx There is a small scent of tea tree, similar to Naruko’s acne line product which works well. It doesn’t dry out the skin, therefor doesn’t cause the trouble area to dry out and flake under makeup even for living in Switzerland. Out of all three products, this worked out the best for helping me flatten out my active acne as well as help fading out scars.

It has a watery consistency, which reminded me of a toner instead of a serum type of product. I’ve seen some people use this as toner or as a first serum.

Price: USD 18 (Jolse)

Oil Free Ultra Moisturising lotion

As seen in the ingredients’ list when i was online researching, it is definitely not oil free. For a lotion, it is moisturising enough for combo skin in humid weathers. But for dehydrated skin in during hot humid weather it might not be enough. There is a slight lemony smell that isn’t too over powering and goes away almost immediately. This hasn’t irritated my skin so far, but i’ll just have to keep using it for a longer period to see how i feel about this moisturiser.

In general, I’m pretty satisfied but my only problem with CosRX is its almost non existent of physical availability in many countries. Etude House and Clinique has stores in South East Asia, CosRX has no physical store therefor having to get them online. CosRX is well known for its natural and simple ingredients which I appreciate because of my sensitive skin. There are many more CosRX products i am willing to try, like its acne targeted facial cleansers.

Price: USD 20 (Jolse)

Where to shop:

Hermo Singapore 

By my last post How i managed to save up 50%, I mentioned on how i made use of discounts and cash back systems. Since i moved back to Singapore and Indonesia, cash back systems are more readily available then Switzerland. Here, i have referral code from  Hermo Singapore  that you can use to earn $15 voucher on top of their discounted Cosrx products, also you can use Shopback Singapore to get 3.5% cash back on your purchases.