CosRX review – AHA/BHAs

To be very honest, i haven’t heard much about AHA and BHA until three years ago from Paula’s Choice. It sounded fancy to me, all science and all (the one thing other then math I’m bad at). Im turning 24 at the end of this year, i still have acne that focuses on my chin due to both hormonal and digestive issues. Of course fixing my eating habits is the best way, environmental circumstances helps as well. Before i start rambling, let me talk about AHA and BHA. They both are supposed to target and clean out pores from deep inside, therefor helping to eliminate white and black heads and potentially, getting rid of acne. BHA also has natural skin calming properties, meaning for sensitive skin its also perfect.

My skin has also changed to more combination from oily, a whole lot more redness and sensitivity due to me not taking care of it and of course with age, wrinkles. And although i love Clinique’s acne line, i feel there are too much alcohol in its ingredients and that it caters more to Caucasian skin in comparison to Asian skin. An alternative to my favourite Clinique products, i took to CosRX.

I have three item to share with you from CosRX

  1. AHA/BHA Clarifying treatment toner
  2. Natural BHA skin returning A Sol
  3. Oil free ultra moisturising lotion


AHA/BHA clarifying treatment toner
Comparing to Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener which i have been using for a while, this doesn’t fare too well in terms of pore cleaning and price point. For example, Etude House’s pore toner is $19.00 for 500ML in Hermo SG while the CosRX is $15.20 for 150ML. I’ve also tried this toner by using it on its own without other CosRX, and also with CosRX but it doesn’t make any noticable difference.

Price: SGD 19 (Hermo)

Natural BHA skin returning A Sol

Cosrx There is a small scent of tea tree, similar to Naruko’s acne line product which works well. It doesn’t dry out the skin, therefor doesn’t cause the trouble area to dry out and flake under makeup even for living in Switzerland. Out of all three products, this worked out the best for helping me flatten out my active acne as well as help fading out scars.

It has a watery consistency, which reminded me of a toner instead of a serum type of product. I’ve seen some people use this as toner or as a first serum.

Price: USD 18 (Jolse)

Oil Free Ultra Moisturising lotion

As seen in the ingredients’ list when i was online researching, it is definitely not oil free. For a lotion, it is moisturising enough for combo skin in humid weathers. But for dehydrated skin in during hot humid weather it might not be enough. There is a slight lemony smell that isn’t too over powering and goes away almost immediately. This hasn’t irritated my skin so far, but i’ll just have to keep using it for a longer period to see how i feel about this moisturiser.

In general, I’m pretty satisfied but my only problem with CosRX is its almost non existent of physical availability in many countries. Etude House and Clinique has stores in South East Asia, CosRX has no physical store therefor having to get them online. CosRX is well known for its natural and simple ingredients which I appreciate because of my sensitive skin. There are many more CosRX products i am willing to try, like its acne targeted facial cleansers.

Price: USD 20 (Jolse)

Where to shop:

Hermo Singapore 

By my last post How i managed to save up 50%, I mentioned on how i made use of discounts and cash back systems. Since i moved back to Singapore and Indonesia, cash back systems are more readily available then Switzerland. Here, i have referral code from  Hermo Singapore  that you can use to earn $15 voucher on top of their discounted Cosrx products, also you can use Shopback Singapore to get 3.5% cash back on your purchases.

How I managed to save 50% – Shopping with deals and cash backs

I have just recently graduated from collage, and currently jobless as upsetting as it sounds. Being jobless doesn’t stop the constant want of shopping, therefor i look out for discounts that can be more friendly to the pocket. Thats where the habits and skills of being most collage students, which is constantly at a look out for deals, is made to use! It’s also the time of the year where i have to get my skincare items stocked up, and i usually once mid year and once in the beginning of the year.

I’m always on a journey to look for affordable skincare that works for my sensitive skin, especially on a look out for promotions online and in stores. These are some items i have purchased during the month of June, other then the Etude House BB creams but i am going to include them here to prove how much deals can be found even in Singapore and Indonesia.

First place i have shopped from is Hermo Singapore. They are a Malaysian based online shop, they have shipping to Singapore for a purchase of anything above SGD 45, and they have sale going on quite often as well. By making use of their promotions and delivery free from 45 SGD and below, you can end up saving on a lot. 

I’m Meme (@immeme_official)’s I’m Cleansing Oil in #2 Fresh Oil and Rubycell PuffsIMG_4404

This will be my first time trying anything out from I’m MEME, after being exposed from Pony’s collaboration with them. When i was shopping for this, they had a 50% discount so for whopping 195 ML worth of I’m Cleansing Oil in #2 Fresh Oil, it ended up costing $12.80. The 5 piece puff was also at alms 50% off, becoming at $7.90 at time of purchase.

Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream
IMG_4389 I’ve been looking for this moisturiser everywhere, but only to find them sold out in many of my favourite online shop. its a very basic moisturiser that doesn’t oil my combo – oily skin or irritate my sensitive skin. At time of purchase, this cost at $11.90 where as its retail price is $25 for 50g.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit and Blooming Fit

I have previously reviewed this product, if you are interested. Review Link IMG_4396

Etude House AC Clean up cleanser and Baking Powder BB Cleansing Powder Foam cleanser
When i saw that Etude House Singapore was having a buy one get one promotion for their cleanser, i could not resist. I’ve been using both of them on so often since the end of my high school life, with their original packaging. I would use the baking powder one in alternative to the Innisfree’s Volcanic Pore Cleanser. Once one run out, I’ll use the other and vise versa. 

Too faced Bronzed and Powerless – Pore perfecting Bronzer

When i was in Jakarta for a week, the Sephora located in Plaza Indonesia had a major discount on many of their products, such as Marc Jacobs and Too Faced. It might be due to their plan of relocating to another shopping centre. I was just window shopping and meeting one of my best friend, thats how i managed to get it for around SGD 25 when it retails in Singapore’s Sephora for SGD42.

Sales are something we should all take advantage of, especially if you are new to the work force and want to save money.

Fave (previously Groupon) and Shopback seems to be two sites that are gaining popularity in Singapore. Its something that i have started to look at as well before using them.

Cultural Night 2017.1 – Organisation

Lo and behold, i have chosen Events as my specialisation course for my final semester of my degree. This semester so far is the most difficult in terms of mental and physical. Planning out an event and its logistics are relatively easy due to the huge support we have received from multiple individuals, like teachers and external sponsors. The most difficult ones were working as a group, due to the multiple clashes of personalities and ideas everyone had. There were two extreme side of personality, those who has strong ideas and opinion vs. the “Stay in the background” side.

With the stronger personality and ideas, they won’t take no or an alternative as an answer where as the “stay in the background”s had to run around trying to make things happen. But after this event organisation has happened, i have realised many things in life which gave me different perspective in life.

The biggest realisation for me is how we as people think. Our mindset, for a lack of better word. As university students especially having multiple experiences and opportunities in our life, many of us are very self entitled. The attitude based on “Everything i wish and i want can be done” idea kept reoccuring. Even when something we wish cannot be done, instead of listening to advice from experienced people and looking for alternatives, many still wanted the impossible original to continue. The “expectation vs. reality” concept did not dawn into our minds until the event was over. After speaking to teachers and having some time to think about what has happened, we all need to realise on how fortunate we all are for the support we have received to make the event happen. Yes sure, this event was the most disorganised the school had possibly witness so far but there are many we can learn from of this experience. Learning to be practical, to listen, to communicate, to think a few steps ahead, to have back up plans, to be patient, if i have to name a few.


Instead of focusing on the negativities, i would like to remind myself of taking some down time in the future let myself think and bring out the things i have learnt and focus on them so the next few steps i can grow better as an individual. The things i have learnt can be forwarded to future events and not mess up much.

Étude House Precious Mineral BB creams – Review

Etude House in Singapore had a sale on many of their products during Christmas of 2016, 50% of particularly on BB creams with purchase of two, might as well buy some no? Being in humid HongKong for 6 months worth of internship, each week working 6 days and 10 hours per day i stuck down to Boujois Healthy Mix foundation since i knew it will last me all day without being too creamy like foundations do. I have not touched BB creams again until last Christmas.

These are the two i’ve purchased – Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in Blooming Fit and Cotton Fit. I’ve only previously tried the Bright Fit version in 2015 and surprisingly, they have repackaged their logo to less princessy in 2016.

According to the official Etude House website, below is the description of the BB Creams

What it does:
– Brightening: Containing bright pearl layer to provide delicate brightening effect on skin and care darkend skin with sebum for clear and delicate skin tone.
– Excellent coverage: Application of ‘Slim Layer Fit Formula’ to prevent from getting smudged after re-applying or layering.
– Moisturizing skin care: Optical oil reflects light to regular directions to maximize gloss and shine. It also contains bamboo sap to hydrate and care skin.


While all BB creams are well known moisturising, the Cotton Fit is known for its matter qualities as compared to its other versions in Etude House stores. As i will be back to the cold mountains of Switzerland to finish off my last semester of university, i’ve been using more of the Blooming Fit and found it to be very similar to the Bright Fit one in terms of moisturising properties. Whilst the Cotton Fit i’ve been only using it in Singapore and Indonesia due to its hot weather.

I did not include photos of the bottles as for sure everyone knows how it looks like already with its standard pump.

Both were purchased in W13, the 2nd out of three colours.

As you can see from the swatch after blending it out, the Cotton Fit version is more pink compared to the Blooming Fit although not much more. My skin has gotten more dry as of now probably due to age, even the Blooming Fit doesn’t feel moisturising enough after it has set. I am still waiting for a shipment of mine from for the Etude House Skin Conditioning Cream to see if it is able to help with extra moisturization. I am not able to wear Cotton Fit for an extended period of time in the cold winter weather as it is too mattifying.


I won’t say which amongst the two is my favourite as it caters for different skin types and it caters to wear in different season. In hot and humid South East Asia, Cotton Fit did wear for 6 hours before i’ve gotten shiny while the Blooming fit in about 4 hours.Both without the need of powdering on top, or my favourite Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer. They both helped me cover the majority of my redness and occasional pre zits. Etude House markets to the younger market as compared to Sulwhasoo, its price point even without discount is still very affordable.

Let’s talk scented candles 

Let’s talk about scented candles!! Bath and body works opened up in Grand Indonesia Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia while ago and they hold huge bi – annual sales that are up to 50% off! I remember being told to buy some scented candles earlier this summer by my dad, and seeing the sale of bath and body works, I purchased a three wicked lavender vanilla scent candle and a three wicked strawberry scent candle.

Since it is post Christmas, sales has to start to clear their Christmas collection. All of them smelled super sickly sweet like Caramel, Chocolate, Cinnomon, the type of scents if one were to purchase their Asian parents will disown them right away. As with the 50% off, a candle can cost up to USD$20 equivalent so I limited myself to one candle as those I bought during summer are almost out. 

White Barn’s Apple Flower

This is what I’ve chosen instead of the typical Christmas scents due to weather and climate here in Indonesia. It’s all year round summer and humid, having something fresh and light like this and mint are more practical. The scent does remind me of Apple, but not those overly sweet scent in juices. Imagine an apple tree in the middle of grassland, it’s gentle and smoothing. White barn apparently was an independent stand alone store, but for some reason they have been sold under Bath and Body Works in the states and overseas for quite a while now. 
Body lotions, sprays, gel soap and hand santinizers are also on sale from 30% until 50%. Do take advantage of these sales as imported items are expensive in Indonesia, having some sort of discount and cash rebates helps a lot on soothing that almost empty wallet of yours. If you want to be quick, buy them as gift for next year’s Christmas for friends and family if they fancy! 

EarthBake Brownies – Medan, Indonesia

Awhile ago a friend of mine started baking brownies from home and have them sold. Initially it was only sold to people in Medan and after awhile, he started to ship them off to all over Indonesia. His brand of brownies are called EarthBake.

These are what he usually have to offer, and mind you that delivery fee is only applicable within Medan. As I am from Jakarta, I have to order 2 large ones and the express delivery fee is around 100,000 IDR but it didn’t arrive nicely. You can’t expect too much with indonesia’s delivery system although it is labelled as food and be extra careful.

For Christmas, i decided to try order and try some out.

Saturnian Brownie


72% Dark Chocolate, Golden Age Caramel Sauce, Citron, White Sesame and Walnut


I really love nuts and my brothers have sweet teeth, so this one attracted our attention best due to it having chunks of walnuts and being drizzled slightly with caramel sauce. Don’t let chocolate and caramel scare you, 72% black chocolate and the walnut helps cancel out the overly sweet taste the usual brownies give you.

Earth Brownie – BalanceUntitled

72% Dark Chocolate, Roasted Walnut and Salted Pumpkin Seed


Totally forgot the salted pumpkin seed being one of the main uniqueness in this recipe. It is almost like the baby size of the Saturnian brownie due to its smaller walnut size. The saltiness is just right! i really wish i could bring it over to Hong Kong with me during my internship.

This one i did not order as it just came out

The Venus Brownie

72% Dark Chocolate , Belgian Chocolate Chips, Citron Cheese

Chocolate with chocolate guys i can’t even with this one! and there is cheese as well!!!


So fellow indonesians! if you are ever interested in quality brownies please contact my buddy Rong Lee through Line. His ID : Rongzlee

Pre – Christmas date with @toffeemilk and @fyonx

The year after entering the hospitality world when i haven’t worked and is actually home for christmas but didn’t celebrate them much as i liked. Instead i get to see some of my friends whom I’ve known from 4 years ago but yet to meet, as well as some cousins. But hey, not complaining since who knows when else can i spend it at home like finally! 

These girls were some of those fan girls i met 4/5 years ago, and i’ve only met Dhee before while i was in SG. I was a huge fan of Super Junior, now milder as i get older but these girls did not ever stop fan girl – ing. Angela is still on about BTS and Dhee Infinite. Well, take me to Nu’est already!

Angela and Dhee



Dinner with Angela and Dhee


Though we were suppose to meet at 7, i only arrived at 8:30 due to traffic! 2 hours worth of traffic although the place we have decided to meet would usually take me only half an hour to get there. Let us meet in Singapore or Switzerland again girls! The traffic and punctuality of Indonesia hopefully shall match their’s one day.

Guys, the size of our christmas tree this year since we moved house! Honestly i liked this picture is because of how full my lashes looked. All i had on was Cover Girl’s mascara