Vizit Korea 2nd and 3rd day: with NUE’ST, A-JAX & Lee Chae Young

2nd Day – 26th of November

The handsome and charismatic boys of NU’EST is back in Singapore to heat up the second day of Vizit Korea held at Singapore Expo Hall 5B, they sang in total of a whopping 10 songs from their latest and previous albums filled with powerful and sleek dance moves. During the interview, NU’EST expressed that they are very happy to be able to perform in Singapore again and being able to represent Korea at such a festival.

Aron fluently said in English that Singapore is a beautiful country and that the fans are beautiful too. He also said that NUE’ST would like to try Singapore delicacies such as chicken rice and chili crab. Baekho mentioned that he would love to visit the Singapore Flyer.

When they were asked to suggest interesting Korean traditional games that they like, Baekho and Aron suggested games like Yut Nori, Kite flying, and Jegichagi.

Lucky fans that won the lucky draw were able to get a group photo with NUE’ST, autographed CDs with posters, and a hug from them. When the MC asked Aron to announce the winners home addresses, he looked confused but ended up saying the it in a funny way which cause laughter from the crowd.

Before the end of the showcase, NUE’ST gave 5 lucky fans their own personal item as an expression of gratitude for supporting them. Those personal items are T-shirt, compass, striped tee and a bag pack. They ended up their showcase with a hi5 session with all the fans in the mosh pits!

NUE’ST gave a lot of sweet fan services to the fans during the performances. They are serious and charismatic during the performances but playful when they are interacting with the fans. The sweet boys always give heart sign, peace sign and even blowing kisses to the fans.

3rd Day – 27th of November

A-JAX rocked up the last day of Vizit Korea by singing 6 songs in total. With powerful fierce dance and also charismatic performance, they heated up the atmosphere with loud screams from A-LIGHTs (A-JAX Official Fanclub). They did not just sing not their own songs but also from the popular Korean drama – ‘Boys over Flowers’ drama OST “Because I’m Stupid” which was originally sang by their label mate, SS501.

During the interview, A-JAX mentioned that they want to try to Singapore’s chili crab and said that they would eat it after finishing the showcase. The MC also asked them to recommend places to go in Korea, in which Hyojun and Yunyoung recommend Insadong and Hongdae since Insadong are famous for the souvenirs and Hongdae are famous for delicious yet cheap street food. Fans cheered very loudly when A-JAX said that they would like to bring them on a date there.

Some A-JAX member’s juicy secrets were also revealed here! Hyeongkon the leader revealed that room mate Seungjin often sleep talk! While Yunyoung shared an interesting fact that Hyojun would dance while sleeping. He said that he probably does it because of their upcoming comeback, as they have been practicing really hard for it.

The fans then shouted loudly requesting for A-JAX to do aegyo, in which the members asked Seungjin – who is one of the youngest in the 7 member boy band to do it. The excited and loud scream of approval from fans then roared through the venue.

Signed CDs were given to lucky fans by playing a game of rock-paper-scissors with A-JAX! The members were divided into 3 groups of 2 to play with each part of the audience. While waiting for their turn, the other members would interact with the other fans first at the other section and some would even pose to the sea of cameras and does cute and sweet fan services such as making heart shapes, winking and even gathering together to take pictures.

Before the showcase ended with a hi5 session, fans present celebrated Seungyub‘s birthday, which happened a few days before the showcase. All the fans sing him a birthday song as he made a wish. Before leaving the stage after the hi5 session, Hyeongkon said that they will come to Singapore again next time and hope that all the fans in Singapore would support their new album and song – ‘Snake‘ as well.

The session continues with “The Grand Heist” movie premier together with actress Lee Chae Young who starred in the movie as Seol-Hwa, who played as a gisaeng and a spy. She was asked about the most memorable events she remembered and experienced while filming the movie, in which she revealed that she have to wear winter clothes and act that the environment is very cold when it is actually summer time during the filming. On the topic on Singapore food, she said that she have tried Singapore chili crab and wanton soup while she was touring. Wrapping up for the ending, she revealed that she had a lot of fun while filming this movie, and hope that Singaporeans would enjoy this movie as it is a very humorous movie.

We would like to thank MediaCorp VizPro for inviting us to Korea Festival 2013 – Vizit Korea!

Photo by Z | Article by VP