Korea Boy Band FT ISLAND to perform in Singapore after 2 years!

After 2 years of waiting, Korean boy band FT ISLAND, will come back agaon to Singapore. FT ISLAND  stands for Five Treasure ISLAND, consists of five members – Choi Jong-Hun (guitar and keyboard), Lee Hong-Gi (lead vocals), Lee Jae-Jin (bass and vocals), Song Seung-Hyun (guitar and vocals) and Choi Min- Hwan (drums). These 5 members have been acclaimed for not only their good looks but also for their talent.

FT ISLAND gave K-pop band a new definition as they dominate the music industry with their rocking spirit and 6 years of impressive stage presence. Their last concert [PLAY! FTISLAND In Singapore] received numerous good feedback from local media with a flawless stage to the crowd which earn a lot of praise!

After their TAKE FTISLAND tour and the tremendous Arena Tour with over 100,000 audiences, FT ISLAND is back again with more powerful and enhanced performance! This concert will be one that brings FT ISLAND closer to the audience who will fully enjoy the live stage as they breathe and sing along with FT ISLAND. It will also give fans with the best moment to get close to FT ISLAND and this concert also signifies a gift specially-dedicated to all fans that have supported and been with FT ISLAND all these years.

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120929 Big Bang Alive Tour Singapore – Backstage

120929 Big Bang Alive Tour Singapore

by: Launch Entertainment, Lushington Entertainments and Live Nation

I have to thank my school junior for this luck of being able to go Big Bang Alive Tour backstage. She has 4 free tickets total and access to the concert, o she asked 3 of ys along since she has spare tickets 🙂

Download limk



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120219 Super Show 4 Singapore

120219 Super Junior Super Show 4 Singapore

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